Brivo and Savance Partner to Provide Essential Life Safety Solutions

Savance and Brivo partnership illustration

Brivo and Savance Partner to Provide Essential Life Safety Solutions

If there was a disaster in your facilities today, would you know who to account for? Would you spend time looking for an employee that left the building without telling anyone? Would you know to look for a delivery driver that happened to be on site at the wrong time? If a visitor was missing during a fire drill, would you know what they look like, where to find them, or how to contact them?

Life safety is something that most businesses take for granted and don’t realize until it is too late. Not every workplace is a high-risk environment, but life is always throwing us curve balls and incidents can happen anywhere, at any time. The truth of the matter is that you can never be over prepared when lives are at stake. With Brivo and Savance’s partnership and integration, businesses can have the foundation that they need to ensure the safety of everyone in their facilities.

Being able to account for everyone starts with keeping a complete picture of every person that is onsite. Having and maintaining an accurate roster of every person in your organization can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools and processes. Thanks to integrations with directory services like Okta, Azure, Active Directory, and GSuite, Brivo and Savance are able to streamline identity and credential management to one common roster, making onboarding and offboarding a breeze.

Managing credentials for visitors can be complex, and today’s requirements might need to change tomorrow. When the world locked down due to COVID-19, the hoops and hurdles that everyone had to start jumping through were a mile high, and businesses were thrust into a new regulatory framework overnight. Nobody was spared at the point of entry anymore, and many businesses had to rely on upper management to play nurse and twenty questions with every person who walked through their doors.

Facilities that already had Savance Workplace kiosks in place were able to quickly adapt the new compliance requirements to their existing system and ensure conformance that tied back to access control. Instead of having a person sitting at the entrance taking temperatures and asking everyone health screening questions, people could either complete their attestation from their own device or at a self-service kiosk that could activate their credential or open the door for them if they passed screening.

Health Screening Kiosk with Temp Scanner and UV Cleaner

Today, COVID requirements have started to relax, but regulations still call for proper visitor management systems across many industries. Accounting for the unique needs of every person who walks through your doors, and granting them proper access, is essential. Someone who is coming onsite for an interview is going to require a different workflow than a delivery driver, and neither of them are going to need to go through the same requirements that an electrical contractor would have to go through. Contractor compliance and workforce conformance are top of mind for most corporations, and being able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of requirements demands an integrated system as a foundation. At the same time, businesses are looking to automate as much as possible; and in many cases, unattended access can remove the need of staffing a lobby or guard shack by integrating Savance Workplace with Brivo.

Brivo Access Control Door Reader

Brivo’s best in-class enterprise access control system provides a frictionless way for people to enter and exit the building with physical and mobile credentials. Since every visitor, contractor, and employee can be funneled through the Savance Workplace system for compliance screening, businesses can be sure that only the right people are granted proper access at the right time.

As people move through the facility and use their credentials at Brivo readers, the Savance Workplace integration maps their presence information to custom status boards that can be viewed from any device. Custom designed kiosks, computers, mobile devices, and dedicated readers can also be used to update statuses in real-time, and a complete historic audit trail can be accessed at any time with custom reporting. Since all visitors, contractors, and staff are a part of the same universal status board that can be viewed and updated from any device, Savance Workplace is able to maintain a living, breathing list of every person who is on site.

If there is a fire, explosion, gas leak, active shooter, or any other type of emergency in your facilities, having a way to manage your emergency action plan and ensure life safety is essential. With Savance Workplace, mass notifications can be sent to the right people in an instant when disaster strikes.

Mobile muster stations can be used to perform roll calls and account for everyone quickly and accurately using their existing credentials; and people can also respond to the mass notification from their own device to confirm their safety. If someone is missing during a headcount, all of the information that you need to find them is available at your fingertips from any device – name, picture, contact information, and last location.

Savance Emergency Mustering Screenshots on Handheld Semi-Rugged Muster Tablet

In that moment, when you realize James Anderson, the electrical contractor, is missing, you can send out an “amber alert” as a mass notification to see if anyone has seen him. In a large organization, the odds are that nobody knows who James Anderson is; and with most other solutions, he would be a name on a list. Thanks to the Savance Workplace and Brivo integration, first responders and anyone in your organization can have everything they need to find Mr. Anderson and ensure his safety.