Continuing Innovation in the Covid & Return to Work Battle

COVID-19 screening controlling door or turnstile

Continuing Innovation in the Covid & Return to Work Battle

When first approached by clients using Savance Visitor Management solution with the idea of adding Covid-19 specific questions to add another layer of safety and screening, we saw a window to help. By leveraging our existing Visitor Management software, we were able to seamlessly create specific Covid screening questions in an attempt to keep the virus from walking through the front door. As we have continued to implement these Covid screening solutions, the need to meet new and different pain points tailored for specific use cases has allowed us to continue to innovate in a handful of ways through developing and flushing out our software capabilities.

Using similar technology in combination with our pre-registration capabilities, the first addition to combat Covid was a true Touchless Check-In option for visitors and staff. Now, instead of requiring people to use the kiosk at all, we generate a QR code to be able to leverage a person’s own smartphone to essentially turn their phone into our kiosk. Once visitors have finalized with the check in process from their phone, we can even print them a sticky badge on the spot. This has allowed for people to come into a building through the screening process in the cleanest way possible.

The next piece of innovation within our software came in the form of door access based on the answers to screening questions. Before this capability, a staff badge would work with the reader regardless of their screening answers. Now, we have the ability to control that reader and door through integrating with the end user’s access control system. This gives the user the ability to deactivate a badge upon a failed screening to lock the potential threat out of the building until further screened. It also works the other way around, allowing for a badge to be activated based on screening results.

Both of these recent innovations have been born out of necessity for customers coming to us with a potential use case and being able to build our software around it. We are excited as we move forward, continuing to find new ways to make the workplace as safe as possible as we begin to reopen our doors.