Cool Stuff We Saw at GSX

Cool Technology at GSX 2022 Blog Illustration

Cool Stuff We Saw at GSX

The GSX Atlanta Conference had tons of exciting security technology for Savance Workplace customers or any informed decision-makers. Access control hardware manufacturers are minifying their door readers. Security professionals can now leverage social media for local insights in real time. Artificial intelligence continues to build on the successes of video stream analysis. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the latest and greatest technologies presented at the GSX Atlanta Conference.

The most exciting advancements in access control hardware doubled down on adding new additional card formats in the same access control reader. Interested customers will have the option to use high and low-frequency RFID cards, NFC credentials, facial recognition, and palm verification within the same device. The latest generation of readers prioritizes a diverse range of friction-free access control options.

The broader range of supported credential types gives customers unprecedented flexibility to manage credentials for every use case. We are excited to see what customers gravitate toward as manufacturers continue to overcome the obstacles of biometric identification. Palm vein verification continues to surprise me. Palm vein verification technology uses infrared light to map the unique veins structure in a person’s palm as a unique identifier. For more details, see the research paper by Pierre-Olivier Ladoux, Christophe Rosenberger, and Bernadette Dorizzi. The key takeaway is a system that requires a single image for the initial user enrollment. Facial recognition has not been as successful as palm vein recognition for employers. From masks to new hairstyles, the obstacles preventing reliable facial recognition seem insurmountable.

The most impressive access control readers range from the size of a standard envelope to a deck of cards. These readers are rarely thicker than an inch. The slim design reduces the required wall space. It’s to the point now where we could mount an intercom or multipurpose reader seamlessly on a Savance Workplace Visitor Management kiosk’s side bracket. A kiosk can be a single touchpoint for both staff and visitors without putting more holes in the wall.

Next, we talked to an exciting company aggregating social media posts for a specific geographical location. This can be extremely helpful for the security team that needs real-time information to keep their organization and visitors safe. Dedicated security staff could validate an incident notification from Samdesk, then use Savance Workplace Mass Notifications feature to provide direction to the rest of their organization by text, email, or an EIOBoard Note.

Lastly, we found a trailblazer in the video stream analysis space. Lumeo offers machine learning analysis on multiple video streams through a Jetson Orin™! They offer a few prebuilt machine learning models, one based on YOLO v4. It’s exciting to see their investment in open source drag & drop tools empowering customers to create unique workflows and event-based logic. Node-RED is an excellent tool for creating workflows with drag & drop simplicity. The community added support for countless native third-party integrations, as well as any external code a developer could think of. The Savance Workplace Question Manager has a similar drag & drop simplicity without the confusion of broader extensibility.

In closing, the GSX Atlanta Conference was eye-opening. The future of security remains bright as manufacturers pack more features into smaller devices. Information comes in main forms, and decision-makers are always looking for better ways to incorporate the most relevant and up-to-date information intelligently. Remember, video analysis improves as machine learning models improve. We are looking forward to the next conference this year, ISC East 2022. We hope to see our Savance Workplace access control partners there also!

Until next time!