Did You Know EIOBoard Could Do This?

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Did You Know EIOBoard Could Do This?

You know that the Savance EIOBoard can keep track of just about anything to improve communication, accountability and visibility. But you probably don’t know everything it can do. Here are some amazing ways companies are using their Savance EIOBoard.

Contractor Time & Attendance Accountability

A large mining company uses a very high number of contractors in their large-scale operations over many large worksites. Keeping track of the many hours that hundreds of contractors were on site was a paper process that relied 100% on the contractors to honestly submit times. To reduce the possibility of time theft, the company implemented the EIOBoard for contractors who signed in and out when they arrived on site. A custom report enables management to see who was on site, where, for what reasons and for how long. Now the process is 100% accurate to the minute, reporting is done in seconds and fully automated. The company not only saves time by eliminating a bulky and inefficient process but is saving money by never over-paying for billable hours.

Sensitive Information Management

A government contractor with classified information needed a way for employees and contractors to know who was in certain locations and what credentials they had. Savance was able to combine the EIOBoard with a status display board to meet their needs. Every employee was given a security clearance of red or green. When they used EIOBoard to check-in to other places within the facility, the status display board not only showed their photo and where-a-bouts but also indicated their security clearance level. Now employees can easily identify who is allowed to overhear certain classified conversations and meetings with a simple glance.

Real-Time Reporting Improvements

A hospital wanted to improve their patient satisfaction and realized that they needed better trackable data to understand where to improve. Using their existing EIOBoard, they were able to track patients through the entire visit. Reports gave valuable details on where there were bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the patients visit. Not only was the hospital able to improve patient satisfaction with faster visits but they greatly improved communication using display boards. Patients, visitors and family members could see where their loved ones were in the process such as pre-op, surgery or recovery. The Savance system is also completely HIPPA-compliant with the information displayed on boards.

Can Savance Improve Your Processes?

Savance EIOBoard is an incredibly powerful solution that can be used for so much more than just an electronic in/out board. Do you have any special business needs that EIOBoard could have a solution for? Reach out today to see how we can customize your existing solutions to make your work life more efficient and optimized.