Emergency Evacuation: GM’s Response to Unexpected Challenges

Emergency Evacuation: GM’s Response to Unexpected Challenges

Within the fast paced world of manufacturing, many companies in this industry are sure to face unexpected challenges along the way. Unfortunately, this was the case for General Motors. On Tuesday, December 19th, GM’s Factory ZERO located in Detroit, Michigan declared a three-alarm fire to fight the flames of a lithium-ion battery incident. This goes to show that even in the heart of innovation and progress, the most advanced facilities are bound to be at risk. 

The Incident 

The incident occurred at the 4.5 million square-foot plant on the border between Detroit and Hamtramck. Though officials claim that the fire is under investigation, the catalyst of this issue may have begun from lithium-ion batteries. Reports of heavy smoke rapidly spread throughout the plant, resulting in hundreds of employees evacuating the area. Luckily, all employees at the facility were accounted for and reported safe. 

The Importance of Safety Protocols 

Though countless industries prioritize the safety of their employees, many companies in the manufacturing sector undoubtedly have a high demand in paying meticulous attention to safety measures. This is because employees are inevitably at the risk of danger if faced with hazardous equipment. When in the turn of events, prioritizing your safety protocols can initiate a smooth and effective evacuation. In this case, General Motors showcased an excellent commitment to its workforce by swiftly and efficiently evacuating all employees at the plant, where they successfully accounted for each employee working that shift. 

Employee Safety is of Top Priority 

However, the question may be – How do you ensure that all of your employees are safe? Fortunately, with technology constantly evolving in today’s society, security software is continuously implementing solutions that are dedicated to the well-being of employees. With Savance’s Emergency Mustering system, countless organizations, including those in manufacturing, can rapidly protect and verify the safety of every visitor and employee that is on-site. 

The Benefits of Emergency Mustering 

Our Emergency Mustering system guarantees a seamless roll call process with its reliable roster and rugged tablets that can easily integrate with any access control system. These muster stations will not only provide real-time lists of every employee, visitor and contractor present at facilities, but can be synced with multiple muster stations to maintain consistent communication amongst the premises. Even when faced with connectivity issues, Savance secures an Offline Mode feature to accurately report staff. In the act of an emergency, time is of the essence and Savance’s solution can assure that. 

Dedication to Safety Preparation 

Overall, the flames that briefly engulfed the Detroit EV plant illustrated the success of General Motors’ emergency response capabilities. The incident underscores the necessity of executing a proactive approach to safety and preparedness by delegating the appropriate tools and resources needed to do so. To learn more about Savance’s Emergency Mustering system, view and download our Free E-Book for a complete guide on transforming your emergency accountability plan.