Extend Visitor Management & Security with a Fully Automated Unattended Barrier Lift Gate

Automated Unattended Lift Gate/Barrier Gate Visitor Management System Illustration

Extend Visitor Management & Security with a Fully Automated Unattended Barrier Lift Gate

Visitor Management is often thought of as a process beginning when a guest, contractor, or visitor arrives at your lobby. Many organizations still think that access control from the front gate requires a traditional guard shack or similar station that is staffed with security personnel. Enter the idea of using a fully unattended and automatic lift gate that acts as your visitor management system from your front entrance. Here is how one business used an automatic lift gate to solve several business needs at once:

Nucor is a leading manufacturer of steel products in North America. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, they have a very large headquarters with dozens of buildings spread over many acres. Nucor’s business also demands safety protocols beyond those of a standard office complex. Due to the very large building complex, a map with directions of where the visitor is going was necessary so they could find the right entrance. Security also established a need to sign a safety waiver, an NDA and complete a light screening. Savance Visitor Management and a lift gate were the perfect combination to create a fully automatic, unattended lift gate system.

Visitors can pre-register before arriving or check in at the gate. When they arrive at the gate, they drive up to a self-service kiosk and begin the check-in process. After completing a light screening process and signing the needed documents, a valid credential is printed on a label with a QR code. This is achieved through Savance’s Auto Credential Manager. The badge can have a photo and be used to enter buildings throughout the headquarters. The visitor then swipes the badge and the lift gate is opened. As the visitor uses the badge for entry across the facilities, they can be tracked by security through the Savance Workplace system, and their location is known at all times.

For anyone looking at something similar, the credentials can be customized to an organization’s unique needs with numerous settings. The badge can expire at certain times, restrict entry into certain secure locations, and be used to locate guests and contractors in the event of an emergency. The automated entry gate allowed Nucor to validate guests and give them a valid credential before they entered the facility at the lift gate. This was achieved with a fully automated gate that eliminates the need for staffing. The map and safety documents allowed guests to know where they were going and reduce the organization’s liability all at the same time.