Great Times at the Brivo Cloud Security Summit

Brivo Cloud Security Summit 2022 Recap Illustration

Great Times at the Brivo Cloud Security Summit

Earlier this month, we had the great pleasure of attending the Brivo Cloud Security Summit as a sponsor. The summit proved to be a hub for innovation and community and every seminar that we attended reflected that. It was a mix of educational material, support for integrators, and networking opportunities. One of the greatest aspects of the seminars was the way they empowered integrators to communicate, share experiences, and strategize as a collective community.

Anomaly Detection was revealed as one of the new features rolling out soon, allowing you to identify unusual activity within parameters that you can specify. This can play into life safety, weapon detection, and triggering automations based on unusual behavior (broken window, person crossing a perimeter, etc). They also highlighted LP, identifying license plates and triggering workflows based on parameters. This can play into security, parking lot management, visitor management, and many more use cases.

We had the pleasure of showcasing Savance Workplace software and hardware during the product lab as well: Emergency Mustering, status display boards, and Visitor Management capabilities. Our mustering solutions build on access control and pair with it to create a seamless solution for life safety and accountability. We utilize access control to manage credentials, manage staff and visitors in a facility, and account for everyone in a facility in the case of an emergency. Our booth was side by side with a Brivo booth displaying their new Door Station video reader, the same way we work side by side and in conjunction with their system. We had the opportunity to connect again with integrators that we’ve worked with in the past, like Uni-Tel, as well as meet new integrators that are right in our own backyard, like Solutions International, Inc. Solutions International also accepted an award at the Summit for their achievements.

Overall, we had a fantastic time at the Brivo Summit. We met a lot of new integrators, reps from Brivo/Eagle Eye Networks, and other vendors like us that provide unique third-party integrations. We’re very much looking forward to attending again next year, and to continuing our partnership with Brivo in the years to come!