How Savance Mustering Works in an Emergency

Emergency Management Personnel Illustration

How Savance Mustering Works in an Emergency

Yes, your organization can know in real time who is safe and who may still be in harm’s way in the event of an emergency.

A massive warehouse fire hit close to home this week. The blaze occurred in the city of Melvindale, Michigan, which is only a 30 minute drive from Savance headquarters. The fire started around midnight and was fueled by high winds which accelerated the destruction. By morning, the building was reduced to smoldering debris as firefighters said there was nothing they could do but defensive tactics.

This is a nightmare scenario for any business. Despite safety procedures and best practices, a disaster can hit at any moment. The number one concern immediately becomes the welfare of the people on premises. But how can you know in real-time who is safe and who may still be in harm’s way? Savance Workplace has the solution.

Emergency Mustering by Savance Workplace is an integrated system that allows a business to account for every person in an emergency situation. It starts with two of Savance’s flagship solutions, the Electronic In Out Board and Visitor Management. The Electronic In Out Board allows you to see where your employees are at all times. You can see from a single pane of glass who is in, who is out and who is working offsite. This is accomplished by employees swiping their badges as they come and go. This solution has dozens of features and can be used for so much more than just mustering purposes, but for this article we stick to mustering.

The In Out Board allows you to account for which employees are currently on-site. The Savance Visitor Management system allows you to additionally account for any guests or contractors on-premise. The features and capabilities of the Savance Visitor Management solution are endless with options such as pre-registration, touchless lobbies and unattended lobbies. A guest or contractor will be given a barcode or badge which they will also be able to use to come and go.

The combination of the Electronic In Out Board and Visitor Management solutions means you will have complete visibility of every person in your facilities. This is where Savance Emergency Mustering comes in to save the day. This solution allows guests, contractors, and employees to swipe their credentials at predetermined muster points in the event of an emergency. This tablet-based system is easy to explain and easy to implement in the chaos of an emergency event. Here is how Savance software solutions could save the day and possibly so much in an event similar to the warehouse fire above.

Jane works for ABC Company. She swipes her badge to enter the warehouse for her third shift job doing order fulfillment. Next, Bob from Bob’s Electric comes to work on a rewiring project. As a contractor, Bob was sent credentials directly to his phone. He was able to pre-register and simply scan a barcode as his badge for entry. Finally, Dave comes as a guest to visit his girlfriend for her lunch break. He registers himself at the unattended lobby and a badge is printed for him to gain entry. During check-in, Bob and Dave click a box verifying they have read the ABC’s safety policy. The policy clearly defines a muster point in the front and back of the building where employees, contractors, and guests meet to check-in if there is an emergency.

ABC Company is using Savance Workplace’s EIOBoard and Visitor Management solutions, which means any administrator can see every person on premises from a single pane of glass, whether that be their phone, a tablet, a large screen display, or a computer. The shift supervisor, Amanda, notices the smell of smoke right before the fire alarm screams through the warehouse. Amanda is the mustering coordinator, so she grabs her tablet and heads to muster station #1.

People file out of the building and begin to scan their badges at the muster stations. Jane and Dave check in as well as the other employees and guests, being marked as safe and accounted for as they do. The safety manager can view in real-time who has checked in safely at mustering points and who is still unaccounted for and potentially still inside the warehouse.

Within 4 minutes, all employees, contractors and guests are accounted for, except for Bob the electrician. Firefighters arrive on scene and spring into action. Amanda is quickly able to tell firefighters that Bob may still be inside, show them a photo of Bob used for his badge, and even what areas of the facility he has access to. A minute later, Bob is found and everyone is safe.

If ABC Company had a paper mustering system or simply an emergency alert, they would have no way of accounting for everyone. Instead of complete peace of mind in only 5 minutes, they would have been panicking for hours and possibly days. Not only does this solution give visibility and accountability that is unmatched, but it also gives your organization an extra layer of liability protection. If your organization is ready for a world class solution that can provide peace of mind, lower liability and potentially even save a life, contact Savance Workplace today.