Looking forward to continued relationships!

Galaxy Partner Conference Takeaways

Looking forward to continued relationships!

The Galaxy Partner Conference was a great event that I’m grateful to have attended. It was so much more than what we had expected! Not only did we get a chance to learn more about both the history and the future of Galaxy Access Control, but we also got a better idea of Galaxy as a partner.

I was intrigued by Rick’s presentation of the road ahead for Galaxy, and how they are striving to simplify things and improve the user experience to the extent that they’d basically be taking away the need for documentation. Turning three clicks into one.

As far as Galaxy as a partner goes, they have such long-lasting, tight-knit relationships with their dealers. They actually had a dealer there that had been working with them through almost their entire 45 year history, which is quite incredible when you think about it.

It was an honor to be able to shake hands with and meet so many amazing people, and I’m super excited to see what the new relationships that we are building will lead to in the future.

To anyone that was there – or that wasn’t: Don’t hesitate to give me a ring or reach out if there is ever anything that I or Savance can do for you. We would love to do some one-on-ones to give people a better idea of our solutions or to work on potential opportunities together!