New Case Study: Carlton County, MN

Carlton County, MN, Savance Workplace Case Study Illustration - Improve interdepartmental Communication

New Case Study: Carlton County, MN

In the Public Health and Human Services departments, employees work outside the office a lot. EIOBoard is so helpful for co-workers and supervisors to know where people are at all times of the day.

Thomas Shay, Carlton County

Quite a few years back, in 2015, Minnesota-based Carlton County needed a better way to keep track of employees across departments, a way to be able to keep everyone informed of coworker statuses and current locations. Savance Electronic In Out Board, EIOBoard, helped the county quickly improve interdepartmental communication and overall efficiency.

What we can learn from Carlton County is how easy it can be for an organization to implement a system that greatly improves processes and workflows. “We made the decision to go with Savance because the EIOBoard system is easy to set up and manage when it comes to security, locations, departments, and so on,” says IT specialist Thomas Shay. “It is also easy for users to update their statuses, and for co-workers to see if other workers are in office, on vacation, out sick, or working from home. Being able to see co-workers’ statuses and contact info at-a-glance is really helpful.”

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