New Case Study: Messer

Savance Workplace Messer Case Study Illustration

New Case Study: Messer

We needed a system that could track who is on site at any time. It needed to be simple and fast to use during emergency situations, enabling personnel to mark themselves present quickly and reliably.

Hannah Bulovsky, Engineering Manager

For Messer, a major player in the global oil and gas industry, it is crucial to have a quick and reliable way for personnel and visitors to mark themselves present in an emergency situation. By working with Messer and its access control integrator, Invision Security Group (ISG), Savance Workplace was able to provide just that, using solutions like Savance Visitor Management and Savance Emergency Mustering.

When summarizing the the project as a whole, Messer’s Hannah Bulovsky says: “We needed a mustering/headcount system that could ensure everyone would be accounted for during the potential release of hazardous/toxic gasses. This solution is part of our life safety system, and it helps us quickly and accurately track personnel during emergencies without having to worry about paper lists. Savance provides great support and have customizable, easy-to-use solutions for issues like ours.”

Steve Bardocz, President/CEO of Savance, also reflects on the results with excitement. “The Messer project was our first chance to connect our mustering system to the plant and manufacturing floor,” he says. “Now the possibilities are endless.”

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