Newcomers’ Perspectives: Witnessing the Next Wave of Security Tech at ISC West

Newcomers’ Perspectives: Witnessing the Next Wave of Security Tech at ISC West

ISC West 2024 brought together some of the brightest minds and latest innovations in the security industry. In this blog, team members Levi, Robert, and Danielle share their firsthand experiences from the event, highlighting the key technologies, insightful sessions, and valuable networking opportunities they encountered. As newcomers to the conference, their perspectives offer a fresh look at what it’s like to dive into the world of security technology.

Initial Impressions and Expectations

What were your expectations before attending ISC West 2024?

Levi: I did not have much expectations before attending the conference. I am new to this industry so I was mainly focused on establishing rapport with coworkers and customers. I wanted to keep an open mind and follow the lead of the veterans.

Robert: Prior to arriving I really thought it was going to be an intimidating experience considering all the hype surrounding the event.

Danielle: Before attending ISC West, my initial expectation was that the event would be intimidating since I had no prior experience attending a security show.

Describe your first impression upon arriving at the event

Levi: My first impression was how big it was. The conference must have had at least 200+ exhibitors and several thousand attendees. There were so many different angles that many businesses were taking. I figured the security industry was big but I did not realize just how many people would show up for an event like this.

Robert: That there is a living industry full of people just like us trying to make workplaces a safer place to be by leveraging technology and pushing tech that is on the forefront of human innovation.

Danielle: Once I arrived at the conference, it was exciting to see how many attendees and exhibitors gathered together to discuss our similar passions in security.

Highlight of the Day

What was the most impressive technology or product you discovered?

Levi: Seeing our mustering app be able to check people in based on using facial recognition with the tablet camera was the most impressive to me. Mainly because it’s something I am more familiar with and can sell. But I thought that was pretty nifty.

Robert: I was blown away by some of the tech especially our facial recognition/SAFR integration I wasn’t aware we (Savance) were prototyping. This could mean huge things for our suite of solutions.

Danielle: The most impressive product I discovered was, truthfully, Savance’s Visitor Management kiosk. Since I’m fairly new to the company, I’ve never had the chance to see our product live in person and it was amazing to see its capabilities in action.

Share details about any demonstrations that caught your eye

Levi: The robot dog of course caught my attention. But seeing just the sheer size of some of the booths was also a bit mind boggling when I started to run the numbers. Some of those presentations must have been close to half a million dollars to get set up, not to mention getting all the people there.

Robert: Definitely so many it was hard to choose from. One of the brunches we attended there was a hospital alert system being presented which took patient movement in a hospital bed and allowed it to trigger alerts to caregivers so they would know of an emergency by a camera feed turning on based on certain parameters of the patient’s actions. It wasn’t just motion detection. It actually read the patient’s movements and was able to determine what is/isn’t an emergency.

Danielle: The demonstration that caught my eye was the new SAFR/Facial Recognition integration with the Savance muster tablet. It was amazing to see how quickly the tablet could easily count users in a mustering scenario, simply after pointing the camera in the person’s face.

Educational Sessions and Workshops

Detail any sessions you attended and what you learned from them

Levi: The breakfast we attended that had a presenter talking about using cameras to detect anomalies and the other presenter talking about using data collected from security systems to inform decision makers was the most informative. I thought it was interesting how security is becoming more than just a “keep the facility locked down” approach to more of a “what can we collect from this infrastructure.

Robert: At ISC West, I attended a session on the latest trends in video surveillance technology. I learned about the advancements in camera technology, including higher resolution cameras and the integration of artificial intelligence for enhanced security capabilities.

I also attended a session on cybersecurity for physical security systems. The speakers discussed the importance of protecting networks and systems from cyber threats, and I learned about best practices for securing security systems against hacking and data breaches.

Lastly, I attended a session on access control systems and learned about the importance of implementing multi-factor authentication and user management policies to ensure only authorized individuals are granted access to secure areas. Overall, I gained valuable insights into the latest technologies and practices in the security industry that will help me improve my own understanding of integrating with these security systems.

Danielle: One session that I loved attending was the Women in Security forum. As someone who is a woman and is new to the industry, I haven’t had the chance to learn from other women in this field yet. The keynote speaker for this forum was Crystal Washington, a leading female futurist and technology expert. She discussed the evolution of Generative AI, like ChatGPT, and how we, as security professionals, can use this new technology to leverage our productivity in the workplace.

In the presentation, Washington stated, “Artificial Intelligence is not to replace us, but to regenerate us.” I thought this was a perfect way to describe how much generative AI tools can dramatically change the way many of us drive our performance in the corporate world. Most importantly, this was an eye-opener as a marketing professional, since tools like ChatGPT are continuing to change the digital landscape everyday.

How do these sessions contribute to your understanding of the industry?

Levi: These sessions showed me that security is more than just the traditional sense of the word security. People are leveraging security technology to solve all kinds of peripheral problems that one would not even think about when considering the traditional security department role.

Robert: These sessions really boosted my knowledge of the security field. I learned about new trends in video surveillance, the importance of protecting security systems from cyberattacks, and how to control access to secure areas more effectively. These insights will help me apply the latest security technologies and practices in my profession.

Danielle: Sessions like the Women in Security forum show me how much value AI holds in the security industry. These tools are not meant to do the work for us, but to ultimately enhance the way we as software companies should do business.

Networking Experiences

Share your experiences with networking. Who did you meet?

Levi: Meeting and networking with my Savance colleagues was by far the most important networking that I did. Forming personal relationships with the people that I work with on a daily basis is invaluable. Meeting all the Galaxy guys, IPSR guys, PDK guys, ASAF and SAFR guys was good too so that I can put faces to names.

Robert: The entire IPSR (Bill Marks, Drake Herrington, Joe Beller, Brandon Herr) team and their integrators (S&P/Brett Strangeland, Jose Perez) are always such a pleasure to work with. It was awesome to be able to actually cut loose and get to know these people we work with consistently

Danielle: Meeting my Savance colleagues was a memorable part of the trip. Since we are a remote company, we haven’t had the opportunity to meet in person yet. Going to this event was a great way for us to network and connect while having the chance to experience ISC West for the first time together. Other than that, I absolutely enjoyed meeting so many of our partners in person like Galaxy Systems, Keri Systems, Prodatakey, IPSR, SAFR, AT&I, and more. It was nice to learn from professionals who have been in this industry for years, especially as a newcomer.

What insights did you gain from these interactions?

Levi: My biggest takeaway was how down to earth most of the people were. Over the phone and email is great, but it can only go so far. It was great to sit down and break bread with the people we do business with. I think having a once a year event like this brings people from all over the industry together.

Robert: You can really forget how remote remote working is. Such a nice surprise when you can get along with the people you work with on a more personal level.

Danielle: The most significant insight I gained from these interactions is that everyone, no matter their experience level, is here to gain knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned professional with years in the industry or a newcomer to security, there is always something new to learn from each other.

Comparative Analysis

Compare the technologies showcased in terms of utility and innovation

Levi: Some of the technologies that surprised me in terms of innovation were leveraging AI with security cameras to sense anomalies. The presenter was talking about guards having a panel of many screens and thus are not going to necessarily notice something that is different in one screen.

Robert: When we bring AI into security systems, it really steps up our game in spotting and reacting to threats as they happen. Then, with IoT devices, you can connect all parts of a security system for easy monitoring from just about anywhere. Biometrics is also a game-changer because it uses unique features like fingerprints for secure access, and it’s getting quicker and more accurate all the time. Lastly, using video analytics, we can smartly scan video feeds for anything out of the ordinary, making our surveillance a lot more effective.

Danielle: One technology in terms of innovation, that caught my eye, was the hospital alert system that was discussed during the Security Breakfast Keynote. This alert system essentially triggers alerts to notify healthcare workers that a patient has moved around in their hospital bed.

More specifically, healthcare workers would see this movement occur once the camera footage is displayed on their monitor. However, if no movement is detected, it will show a blank screen. The purpose of this innovation was to prevent drastic incidents from happening, more specifically, patients injuring themselves when getting up from their beds.

As someone who has family members in the healthcare industry, this type of technology is truly life-saving. Time is very valuable in this field and having a system that can quickly prompt caregivers can prevent  many unfortunate events from happening.

Discuss any trends or patterns you noticed

Levi: The trend I noticed was the integration of AI and facial recognition into many pre-existing devices. Facial recognition in our mustering device for example. Or AI being leveraged with security cameras. It seems like something that is just going to keep creeping into more and more devices and workflows as time goes on.

Robert: Everything seems to be jumping on the AI train. Which makes sense. Automation is key nowadays. Taking human error out of things seems to be the goal and pattern of the industry. It makes sense. If it creates a safer environment while making a more cohesive solution, then that should be a no brainer!

Danielle: The most notable trend I’ve seen is the widespread integration of artificial intelligence and biometric technology across many software applications. This aligns well with our current era and has the potential to dramatically transform business operations for many companies.

Personal Takeaways and Future Predictions

What are your main takeaways from ISC West 2024?

Levi: My main takeaway is just how big the security industry is and how many companies are in the business. With more uncertain times ahead, it seems likely that more and more companies are going to be planning long term with security considerations in mind.

Robert: I couldn’t be happier with the team I am a part of, nor the industry I work in. A bunch of great people working together to provide a safer place for our family and loved ones.

Danielle: My biggest takeaway from ISC West is the relentless growth of innovation in this field. The potential of software security to protect workplaces globally against violence and threats is substantial, and we are just scratching the surface.

How do you see the trends observed impacting the industry in the near future?

Levi: The trends I observed are already impacting the industry. Companies are already redesigning their systems to take facial recognition and AI into account. The real interesting things will be the strategies that people use to evade these systems, and then companies’ reactions to try to curtail that. The endless game of cat and mouse.

Robert: These conferences will probably become more and more important. Creating these relationships always will require a personal touch no matter what type of innovation there is. The most important thing is creating and building relationships.

Danielle: Observing how generative AI is transforming business operations is just the start. I firmly believe that it will continue to evolve over the coming days, months, and years, to the point where artificial intelligence becomes an essential part of our daily lives.