P.A.R for the Course – Prevent, Alert, Report

P.A.R for the Course - Prevent, Alert, Report - COVID-19 Screening Solutions Approach

P.A.R for the Course – Prevent, Alert, Report

At Savance, we believe in the power of a tailored solution and presenting different options as far as how to address specific workplace shortcomings. While efficiency and safety is our end goal, there are a multitude of different ways to approach this depending upon the customer’s prioritization of their various objectives. These past months of working through how to safely work in an office environment, while navigating a pandemic, have allowed us to craft three different approaches through Access Control Integration.

The first, and most thorough way to ensure building security is through prevention. By integrating into access control, our various COVID Screening measures can be leveraged to grant and deny access. If a staff member or guest were to fail a screening, we can take that event and use it to deactivate a badge or lock a door to ensure no one brings any illness into the building. We can also deploy our solution in the opposite fashion, where a good screening flips a relay and opens a door or activates a staff badge. The prevent and lockdown route is the most aggressive and safest way to secure a building, but could also be viewed as overkill for some businesses. Which leads into the second approach of security.

If the full on prevention method isn’t a great fit for the end user, the next way we can leverage Access Control integration is through various alerting methods. Now, instead of a failed screening locking a door, it is set to alert a designated employee. The designated employee, whether an HR rep or a security officer, would receive a message either through our EIOBoard application, an email, a text message, or some combination of the three. From there, that designated employee would be able to take the right precautions and necessary steps for a more in-depth look into what caused the failed screening. All of our alerting functions through AC integration is done through polling door events. This allows us to have a real time look into who is coming through each door and the results of each screening question, leading into the final approach.

The most casual way to ensure building safety is through our various reporting functionalities. Instead of any sort of prevention or alerting, at any point in time the end user can access our software platform to pull reports on the events of each door. This method essentially becomes spot checking to make sure that everyone is going through the screening process. With our reports, and the level of customization provided, these can be pulled at any point in time with any logged information ensuring that whatever data is needed is right at the fingertips.

The truly unique part of how we look at COVID-19 Screening Solutions is that there is no need to pick just one approach, but one can use multiple of these features in conjunction together. For example, a failed screening can deactivate a badge while sending a notification to the security guard and logging that event. In this case, we leverage all three, prevent, alert, and report, working together for the most robust solution. It all just comes down to how the end user feels their needs are best met, and we are able to craft a specific and tailored solution to best address these issues at hand.