PDK & Savance ISC East 2022 Sitdown

PDK & Savance ISC East 2022 Sitdown

Evan Tree, the president of ProdataKey (PDK), sits down with our president Steve Bardocz at ISC East 2022. They discuss how PDK and Savance are pioneering access control and how the partnership between Savance and PDK is stronger than ever. Both companies continue to lead innovation in access control in order to meet the changing demands of their customers.

Interview highlights:

Visitor Management Barcode Reader | PDK QR & Barcode Reader

ProdataKey barcode reader

One the highlights from the interview is PDK’s QR Reader, a QR & barcode keypad reader, and how it’s built into the PDK hardware.

It is so essential to real time management of visitors – Evan Tree, PDK

The speed of the PDK QR Reader is one of the ways it sets itself apart from the competition. PDK spent three years getting the barcode reader dialed in so clients can have real time information on their visitors.

Real time information

Evan Tree stresses the importance of real time information and how this is key when it comes to the security of your facility. Knowing where staff and visitors are is crucial in an emergency situation. With PDK and Savance, you can track locations, receive notifications, and know where your people are in real time.

Automated unattended lobbies

The combination of Savance’s and ProdataKey’s hardware makes for an all-in-one solution for automated, unattended lobbies. Previously, you would need people manning entrances, but now a handful of kiosks can manage unattended lobbies.

Making Savance your solution

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