Real-Time Background Checks by Savance

Real-time background checks

Real-Time Background Checks by Savance

Savance Real-Time Background Checks Are Coming Soon!

Savance Workplace is in the process of building our brand new Real-Time Background Check feature. This is much more than just a background check and is essentially an instant check of online databases. We are incredibly excited about the functionality of this powerful new tool and want to share how it works and how it can help your business. Here is a step by step example of how it can work:

  1. A visitor comes to your lobby and scans their ID.
  2. The identification is sent to a database that will check their criminal history.
  3. Results are returned and the process takes less than a second.
  4. The visitor is approved or denied access based on your pre-set standards
  5. If flagged, an alert is sent to security and to the host. Entry can be denied.
  6. A copy of the record is available for host or security to make the final entry decision./li>

A key part of this process is your organization being able to set their own standards for entry. There are 7 levels of severity that you can filter for approval to enter. Database includes the sex offender registry, corporate espionage, terrorism lists and more. This allows you to approve persons with misdemeanors but not with felonies. It can also let you approve entry by the severity of a felony by approving someone with a non-violent conviction but not approving someone with an violent felony on their record. The highest of the 7 levels will allow anyone in except those on the terrorism watchlist. There are many customizable options for you to choose exactly what is best for your organization.

A second key function of this feature is reporting. If a background check is flagged, IT can notify anyone from the host to security to the front desk. For businesses with an access control system, access can be approved or denied based on the results. The background check is available for the host or decision maker to make a manual determination if desired. The list of offenses is provided and the flagged person can be manually allowed to enter. If you want to view the background check individual results, the entire list is finished and delivered to you in under 60 seconds.

This feature is ideal for schools who need accountability in an unprecedented era of violence in schools. For secure government or defense facilities, this feature can quickly red flag any security threats. Organizations with intellectual property can use this feature to further protect access to their facilities.

Want to beta with us? Reach out to Sam Loria to learn more.