Real Time Room Occupancy Tracking to Stay Proactive in Employee Safety

Tracking room occupancy when returning to work illustration

Real Time Room Occupancy Tracking to Stay Proactive in Employee Safety

As states have begun to reopen, businesses are opening back up their doors and employees are migrating back to the workplace. While it is tempting to resume life where we had left over back in the middle of March, now is the time to remain vigilant and proactive in our work environment to ensure our employees can stay safe and healthy moving forward.

While “Social Distancing” has become something of a buzzword, it has proven to be an efficient way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and has become a go to method for safety. While it is nearly impossible to stay six feet away from colleagues in an office setting, there are ways to try to stay on top of the situation and prevent clusters of people in confined spaces while doing their job.

One way Savance is able to assist is through our ability to track room occupancy in real time. By having employees badge into a room prior to a meeting or other kinds of collaboration we are able to get an accurate headcount whie tracking how close a room is to “Maximum Occupancy”. In a pre-COVID world we may have a maximum occupancy of 50 in a room due to fire safety, but now, with respect to social distancing, that maximum occupancy may be lowered to 25, for example. That 25 occupancy number can be configured into our EIOBoard software as the max limit and from there, once the 26th person swipes in, we are able to send a notification out that we are over our limit and the situation needs to be addressed immediately.

Another way Savance is able to make sure the number of staff in a building is hovering around a safe threshold is through the use of our “Groups” feature in EIOBoard. We have seen companies open up with a more rigid shift structure, a defined subset of employees who work a certain shift before the next shift begins to ensure a limited number of people are on the premise at all times. Through our EIOBoard solution, we are able to define what these groups are and see who makes up each group, which allows for an efficient monitoring solution as to which group of employees are on premise and who will be arriving shortly.

As we move through this unprecedented time, Savance’s goal is to find innovative ways to enhance the capabilities of our solutions to meet these new needs that will continue to arise!