Revolutionizing Workplace Security with Savance Workplace’s Newest Facial Recognition Release

Savance Workplace + SAFR Facial Recognition Illustration

Revolutionizing Workplace Security with Savance Workplace’s Newest Facial Recognition Release

In a dynamic world where security threats constantly evolve, Savance Workplace continues to redefine the standards of workplace safety and efficiency. By leveraging the power of facial recognition, Savance Workplace’s latest features and integrations represent an even greater level of safety, security, and accountability in facilities.

Unlocking the future, one face at a time

Imagine a world where traditional check-ins at the front desk are replaced by a swift glance at a camera. This is the reality facilitated by Savance Workplace’s newest release of facial recognition technology. Visitors and staff can now register their faces securely in advance at a Savance check-in kiosk, eliminating the need for cumbersome, manual processes.

These security measures minimize the risk of unauthorized access, ensure accountability of staff’s shift times when checking in, and help streamline the roll-call process in emergency situations. However, these are just a few examples of what workplaces can do with facial recognition.

Companies who have begun utilizing Savance Workplace’s facial recognition technology have also seen a significant reduction in the time spent checking in, an increased accuracy of identification, and a heightened sense of control over access permissions.

SAFR integration elevates security to new heights

By partnering with SAFR from Real Networks, Savance Workplace has raised the facial recognition bar even higher. Visual intelligence company SAFR has built its digital media expertise and innovation legacy to employ best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine-learning solutions.

With the new integration with SAFR, Savance Workplace is doing more than just improving security. Facial recognition is making everything simpler and more valuable for organizations. Visitors can now mark themselves present at a muster station simply by showing their faces, disregarding the need to carry ID credentials. Accounting for everyone is quicker and easier than ever. Just point a muster tablet at someone, and they’re counted. This is much faster and more reliable than old methods like barcodes, RFID, or badges.

By focusing on accuracy and simplicity, Savance Workplace ensures everyone in your building is safe and accounted for, making the workplace safer and more efficient.

Learn more about the future of workplace security from our clients

During a time when workplace violence, theft, and safety threats loom large, Savance Workplace is committed to empowering organizations with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly complex security landscape. To learn more about our newest facial recognition release, read about our recent case study that have implemented these practices: VHC Health.