Safeguarding Schools: The Importance of Emergency Response Systems in the Wake of Perry High School Shooting

Law enforcement at Perry High School after School Shooting.

Safeguarding Schools: The Importance of Emergency Response Systems in the Wake of Perry High School Shooting

A tragic shooting at Perry High School has left families and friends saddened by the unsettling news of 5 injured victims and 1 death of a sixth grader in Perry, Iowa. However, this is unfortunately not the first. Countless shootings have occurred in America, and they continue to happen at an alarming rate. It truly underscores the pressing need for improved security, access control, visitor management, and emergency response systems in educational institutions. Unfortunately, the decision to implement solutions that prevent and mitigate the impact of these emergencies usually occurs in the aftermath of a crisis. 

Who is able to get access to the school?

The most fundamental practice of safety in educational facilities is knowing who, why, and when every individual is coming to the building. Being aware of these instances is a major necessity in protecting students, teachers, and faculty from unpredictable dangers that can occur from unknown sources. 

Luckily, Savance Visitor Management enables institutions to monitor every visitor who is not a student or teacher, ensuring controlled access and enhanced security from fluctuating measures through extensive screenings. These solutions include identity verifications, real-time background checks and verifications via watchlists while leaving them with a visible identification. 

How can we figure out who is safe?

The ability to quickly and accurately account for students and teachers during an emergency is paramount. However, current systems that heavily rely on social media or text messaging can objectively slow down the evacuation process and lead to inaccurate rosters. Solutions like Savance Emergency Mustering can dramatically reduce the impact of unpredictable situations like the Iowa School Shooting. Not only do these systems have the ability to prompt a reactive solution through mass notifications, but it can also ensure that every individual is accounted for based on status or previous location. 

What do safe and secure schools look like?

Educational institutions investing in advanced life safety systems can play a vital role in preventing crises in not only school shootings but natural disasters or medical emergencies. To refine your institution’s safety, consider implementing a solution like Savance Workplace’s Emergency Mustering system to respond effectively and protect lives during times of emergency.