Savance Solutions Can Reduce Risk Of OSHA Violations While Keeping Employees Safer

Savance Health Screening Kiosk with Access Control

Savance Solutions Can Reduce Risk Of OSHA Violations While Keeping Employees Safer

We may finally have our answer to the widely discussed question “How will OSHA handle COVID-19 related deaths that can be traced back to the workplace?”

Sanoh American, an auto-parts supplier, was cited and fined after an OSHA investigation.  The findings conclude they ignored health guidelines and their own company policies to limit Covid-19 exposure which resulted in a death.  Sanoah American has 270 workers at their Ohio plant and at least 88 employees contracted the virus during an outbreak in July/August 2021.  OSHA investigated complaints that the company was ignoring state health guidelines and its own internal policies to limit exposure to the virus.  According to OSHA, five employees were hospitalized and two died.  At least one of these deaths was ruled as work-related.

The company was cited for two violations and proposed penalties and fines were over $26,000.  According to the complaint, several workers were allowed to report to work while sick.  “Sanoh America’s failure to follow health and safety guidelines and its own company policies resulted in worker illnesses and death,” OSHA Area Director Larry Johnson stated. “OSHA continues to enforce all standards applying to the coronavirus and holds employers accountable for failing to meet their obligations to minimize worker exposure to the coronavirus.”

How Savance Workplace Health Solutions Can Help Your Organization Reduce Risk

“COVID-19 has required companies to take steps to prevent the spread of the virus for employee wellbeing but organizations also need to protect themselves from risk and liability.” says Josh Sanders, Marketing Director at Savance.  “Savance Health Screening provides a way for companies to increase protection from both the virus and potential health violations.”

The Savance Automated Temperature Scanner is mounted to a kiosk allowing for hands-free, automated temperature scanning as a part of an overall health screening process.  Additionally, the Savance customizable health questionnaires allow for different question profiles for screening staff and visitors with your own customizable questions.  These solutions can all be custom branded to your organization and integrate with your current access control system.

Pre-Screening and Tracking Options

Savance Pre-Screening will cut down screening times by allowing staff and visitors to fill out the health screening questionnaire ahead of time via their mobile device or PC.  This touchless screening allows a user to scan a barcode at the kiosk and complete the entire health screening process before arriving on premises using only their phone.

The vaccination status & test management option is Savance’s newest way to automate workplace safety.  Stay in compliance with federal vaccination mandates or internal policies by making it easy for employees, contractors and visitors to confirm Covid-19 vaccination or test status, via self-service kiosk, computer or smart device.  A business can easily update processes based on changing regulations and requirements.

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