The 5 Best Ways to Repurpose Your Screening Kiosk

Health Screening Kiosk with Temp Scanner and UV Cleaner

The 5 Best Ways to Repurpose Your Screening Kiosk

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, businesses were forced into quickly finding ways to keep their staff and visitors as safe as possible. The Savance Health Screening Kiosk allowed for automated processes and unattended lobbies, an active tool to prevent the spread of the virus. The landscape is changing as we enter year 3 of living with Covid-19 and the pandemic turns endemic. High vaccination and natural immunity rates along with milder strains means your kiosk may become less utilized for health screening. What you may not know is that your kiosk has many powerful business functions beyond simple health screenings. Here are the 5 best ways you can repurpose your health screening kiosk to improve your business systems.

5. Staff Tracking

Your kiosk can be used for Staff Tracking as employees come and go. Savance has several powerful solutions that can help you manage the location and status of your employees to improve visibility and accountability. Whether you want to simply account for who is in the building and when they arrived or add features for advanced accountability of everyone at all times, Savance has a solution for you and good use for your screening kiosk.

4. Emergency Mustering

Can you account for all employees if a disaster struck today? Savance Emergency Mustering can utilize your existing kiosk as part of an emergency mustering solution. If a disaster were to cause an evacuation at your facility, Savance’s Emergency Mustering is the single most efficient and easy-to-use solution to account for every employee’s and visitors safety. Your repurposed kiosk can deliver peace of mind in an emergency.

3. Time & Attendance

Your kiosk can be used for payroll purposes with Savance Time & Attendance. Staff can punch in and out at the kiosk by quickly swiping a badge or using the kiosk touch screen, and all your payroll information will be automated. Savance can easily export your timesheet data to almost all major payroll companies (Paychex, ADP, Quickbooks) and automate your entire payroll process.

2. Patient Check-In

If your business has patients or visitors who need to go through a check-in process, you can utilize your kiosk to eliminate a paper or in-person check-in. The Savance kiosk can speed up the registration and check-in process, collect all required information, scan ID’s or drivers licenses and is also HIPPA-compliant. Using your kiosk for Patient Check-In can reduce wait times and speed up registration!

1. Visitor Management

The number one way you can maximize the value of your health screening kiosk is by using it for visitor management. Your kiosk can be used to create unattended self-check in lobbies that save time and money. The features of Savance’s Visitor Management solution are too extensive for a single article but include pre-registration options, alerts, reporting, watchlists, custom branding, customization and can integrate with most access control systems. Savance Visitor Management can also be used as a launching pad for the other solutions in this article including mustering, staff tracking and attendance and patient check-in.

If you are interested in taking your health screening kiosk to the next level, please give us a call! We would love to help you automate your processes to save you time and money.