The Hidden Benefits of Automated Visitor Management

Benefits of Automated Visitor Management - Unattended Lobby - Illustration

The Hidden Benefits of Automated Visitor Management

How your organization can save more than just time and money with Savance’s Unattended Lobby

Unattended Lobby is a feature of Savance Visitor Management that allows your visitors and contractors to check themselves in and out of your facility. Using this feature to streamline and automate your check-in processes frees up employees time and expedites the process. Time and money are something that every organization would like to have more of and an unattended lobby gives you both. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, an unattended lobby became a tool to save more than just time and money.

Businesses have had to adapt to a world of social distancing and workplace precautions. While some local, state and federal government requirements have been given, the rules change and creating the safest possible environment for employees is not a perfect science. OSHA first fined a company for workplace safety over Covid-19 protocols in July of 2020. Since then, they have issued over 4 million dollars in fines. Creating a workplace environment with virus mitigation measures not only saves you from the headache of a fine but could potentially lead to a saved life as well.

One of the most listed reasons for a coronavirus related OSHA fine is a lack of social distancing. An unattended lobby is a powerful solution to create more space between visitors, contractors and your staff. Your visitors can use a kiosk to check in which removes a human touch point entirely. This feature integrates with your existing access control and can open automatic doors once entry is approved, eliminating another potential touch point.

Savance saw the need to improve virus mitigation even further and created Touchless Check-In and pre-registration. Touchless Check-In allows for visitors to use their smartphone or tablet to complete the check-in process. By removing the kiosk from the equation, another touch point is removed. To further improve social distancing measures, Savance created pre-registration. This feature allows visitors or contractors to check-in in advance. A barcode is sent to their phone and users can avoid standing in a line and walk directly into the business after quickly scanning their barcode.

These features also go far beyond simple visitor management. Unattended lobbies can also include questionnaires and document uploads. Your organization can use these tools to conduct health screenings, take visitors’ temperature, collect a negative test result or a vaccination card record. This can all be done without a single second of your employee’s time being spent. This powerful automation will save your organization time and money. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing your organization is doing everything it can to eliminate touch points amid a pandemic.

The Savance solutions are custom-branded and easily configurable to your exact specifications and needs. These Touchless Check-In, Pre-Registration, and Unattended Lobby features integrate with your existing access control and Savance support will take care of the set up process for you. To learn more about how Savance can save you time and money while improving safety measures, see Savance Visitor Management.