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Savance Workplace Solutions for X Industry

We’re still working on this content. In the meantime, here are some case studies you might find interesting:

Children's National Health System Case Study

Children’s National Health System

  • We have data points for everything. I can go into the Savance system and do a deep report, check the touch points where the patient went and pinpoint exactly where the bottleneck was — the front desk, the PCT, the provider, the lab, whatever — and streamline processes based on real data. That’s best practice.
Since becoming a Savance customer in 2013, Children’s National, the leading pediatric health system in the Washington, D.C. area, has experienced improvements in several areas of operations, including workflow and patient satisfaction.
Cameron Memorial Community Hospital Case Study

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

  • We now have the ability to focus in on patient wait times. We measure them all the time and use lean practices to constantly improve.
Since implementing the Savance system for patient tracking in 2014, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital has grown to rely on it for its day-to-day operations. In addition to improving patient wait times and patient satisfaction, Cameron Memorial has also seen improvements in internal communication and staff efficiency.
Indianapolis VA Medical Center Case Study

Indianapolis VA Medical Center

  • The most important outcome of the Savance system […] is the overall improved organization, and how clearly and easily staff can communicate on patient statuses.
The Richard L. Roudebush Indianapolis VA Medical Center has been serving Indiana Veterans since 1932. Prior to Savance, the VA relied heavily on large whiteboards that did not provide the necessary flexibility and visibility to properly track patients, or to keep patients moving efficiently along the care path. Going from this to a fully technology-based solution has been a night-and-day difference.
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