Electronic Emergency Mustering Software

Keep your employees and visitors safe with Savance’s real-time, easy-to-use Emergency Mustering software.

Savance Emergency Mustering Overview

Simple, Tablet-Based Emergency Management

Eliminate your paper processes and let Savance’s technology provide you with a list of who is on-site – updated in real-time. Compatible with any Windows device.

Electronic Emergency Mustering
Integrate emergency management with access control

Integrate with Your Access Control System

By integrating with your existing access control system, statuses update automatically when employees swipe in and out of your facilities. Savance supports any door control solution.

Quick & Accurate Roll Calls

No more flipping through lists or calling out names. Utilize your existing access control credentials for fast and efficient emergency roll-calls. Employees simply badge in to be accounted for at the mobile mustering device.

Muster tablet badge check-in

Seamless Integration

Extend the use of Savance Emergency Mustering through additional Savance solutions for efficiency and safety.

Electronic In Out Board Interfaces

Savance EIOBoard

Easy-to-use digital in/out board that works in realtime. Multiple interface options allow staff to quickly update their status using a computer, a staff kiosk, or a mobile device.

Visitor Management Self Check-In Kiosk

Savance Visitor Management

Electronic visitor sign-in adds visitors to your Emergency Mustering tablet. Using self-service kiosks, custom-branded to your organization, visitors can easily sign in and out.

FREE Electronic Mustering E-Book

Learn how your organization can take your emergency accountability process to the next level with Savance’s Definitive Guide to Electronic Emergency Mustering.


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