Savance Electronic In Out Board

Empowering remote, hybrid, and in-person workplaces with an easy-to-use in/out board that ensures accountability and increases productivity


Savance Electronic In Out Board is an easy, real-time solution to keep track of staff or just about anything, improving communication, accountability, and visibility. Always know who’s available and who’s not, whether your team/organization is office-based, working from home, or multi-location.

Web-based Electronic In Out Board

Simple-to-Use Electronic In Out Board

Savance EIOBoard provides an easy way to keep track of who’s in the office, working from home, working offsite, on vacation, or out for the day.

Multiple Interface Options

Quickly update statuses using a computer, smartphone, or a kiosk. In addition, Android and iPhone apps provide an easy way for users to update their status on the go.

Savance Electronic In Out Board Interface Options
Access Control Integration

Integrate with Access Control

By integrating with your access control system, statuses will update automatically based on access card swipes at entry and exit doors.

Fully Configurable – With Unlimited Status Options

Include and track any information, such as statuses, comments, return times, and contact information, using as many customized status options as you need, color-coded for at-a-glance visibility.

Electronic in Out Board - Unlimited Status Options
Custom-Designed Large Screen Status Displays

Custom-Designed Large Screen Status Boards

Enhance visibility further by displaying status information on a large, 32”+ customized display board, viewable at a glance. See Savance Status Board for more information.

Additional Features

Fully Scalable

From 25 users to 2500+, EIOBoard easily scales up with your organization.

Groups & Locations

Assign users to different groups and locations for easy filtering and searching.

AD/Azure Sync

Easily add and manage users by leveraging Active Directory, including Microsoft Azure.

Return Times

Allow users to set and display estimated return times for statuses like lunch, vacation, break, etc.

Time & Attendance

Run your payroll off of EIOBoard status updates with built-in Time & Attendance module.

Mass Notification

Ensure staff receives critical information by sending company-wide announcements and alerts through multiple channels.

Presence Sensing

Automatic status updates due to a particular variable or environmental change, e.g. computer log-on and log-off.

Use for Safety

Integrate with Savance Emergency Mustering for a quick and easy way to account for all staff in the event of an emergency or evacuation.

Built-In Reporting

Run built-in and custom reports, including in/out history, late returning, time and attendance calendar, and more.

Outlook Integration

Allow users to update their status in Outlook, sync up calendar meetings, and pull relevant information and return times into the EIOBoard interface.

Kiosk Interface

Allow staff to check in and out via a wall-mounted, desktop, or stand up kiosks at entrances and exits.

Cloud or On-Premise

Cloud or on premise hosting for flexibility and company IT security compliance.

Customer Testimonials

Judson Independent School District

It stops that question, ‘Where is this person?’ It helps to make that decision about how to follow up. It really enhances communication throughout our organization.

Steve Young

Judson Independent School District

University of Alaska Anchorage

One of the best features has been the support. They are extremely knowledgeable, are always right on top of our requests, and are great about responding in a very timely manner. It is one of the few tech support experiences I don’t dread.

Jerry Tibor

LAN Manager, University of Alaska

New Mexico EMNRD Logo

With the Savance EIOBoard system, we are able to display the status of employee availability on everyone’s computers and in common areas. This has made it easier to tell which employees are available and has helped us improve overall efficiency.

Caleb Raymer

CISO, State of New Mexico EMNRD

Edesia Nutrition

Edesia Nutrition

GE - LM Wind Power

GE - LM Wind Power

Westmoreland Coal

Westmoreland Coal

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Savance Electronic In Out Board

Easy-to-use electronic in/out board allowing staff to sign in and out of the office as they come and go.

Seamless Integration

Electronic Emergency Management Solution

Savance Emergency Mustering

Affordable and easy-to-use electronic emergency management solution. Quickly account for staff, visitors, and contractors in the event of an emergency.

Savance Large Screen Display

Savance Status Board

Custom large screen digital signage solution designed to display critical information viewable at a glance.