Savance Emergency Mustering

The gold standard for managing evacuations and ensuring life safety during emergencies

If there was a fire in your facility,

would you know who to account for?

When lives are at stake, every second counts. With Savance Emergency Mustering, organizations can quickly ensure the safety of every visitor and employee that is on-site with mobile muster stations and mass notifications — while meeting OSHA requirements for workplace emergency and evacuation planning.

A reliable roster of every person that is on site

Muster stations provide a real-time list of every employee, visitor, and contractor that is in your facilities, along with their last location and contact information. Multiple muster stations can be synced and work together to quickly account for every person that is on-site.

Integrate emergency management with access control

Integrate with your access control system

By integrating with your existing access control system, status information is updated with everyone’s last location automatically as they use their credentials at readers throughout your facilities. Savance supports any access control system.

Quick & accurate roll calls with rugged tablets

Instead of flipping through lists or calling out names, employees and visitors can either scan their existing credentials or tap their name at muster stations for fast and efficient emergency roll-calls. Muster stations are designed to work in offline mode, ensuring accurate mustering even when power and network connectivity are lost.

Muster tablet badge check-in

Video showing Savance’s Emergency Mustering solution customized for the Oil & Gas industry.

Customizable to suit any industry or use case

Savance Emergency Mustering can be integrated with custom status boards, workforce management, and visitor management to meet the needs of any industry or use case.

Savance Workplace Complete Guide to Electronic Emergency Mustering eBook

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The Complete Guide to Electronic Emergency Mustering

Learn how to transform your emergency accountability plan to quickly and efficiently account for all staff and visitors in the event of an emergency.

Additional Features

Offline Mode

No network connectivity? No problem. Savance EMustering Offline Mode allows you to conduct a full roll-call regardless of your connection.

Detailed Information

Get the contact details and last known location of missing persons during a roll-call.

Visitors & Contractors

Account for visitors and contractors with Savance Visitor Management integration.

Kiosk Integration

For organizations without access control, allow employees to quickly check in and out via a staff check-in kiosk

Multi-Tablet Communication

Still connected via Wifi or cellular? Multiple muster devices can communicate back and forth to update multiple lists.

Full Reporting

Full reporting gives you insight into your mustering history for drills and actual events. Track staff accounted for and roll-call durations to improve your processes.

OSHA Compliance

Meet OSHA regulations for workplace emergencies and evacuations.

Mustering Displays

Optional large screen display boards are designed to provide real-time muster status updates at a glance, and customized for your needs.

Seamless Integration

Electronic In Out Board Interfaces

Savance EIOBoard

Easy-to-use digital in/out board that works in realtime. Multiple interface options allow staff to quickly update their status using a computer, a staff kiosk, or a mobile device.

Visitor Management Self Check-In Kiosk

Savance Visitor Management

Electronic visitor sign-in adds visitors to your Emergency Mustering tablet. Using self-service kiosks, custom-branded to your organization, visitors can easily sign in and out.

Customer Testimonials

Westmoreland Coal Mining

It has really hit the nail on the head. It has accomplished everything we’d hoped for.

Martin Rowland

Safety & Training, Westmoreland Coal


[One emergency] took place at 0200 in the morning and involved significant emergency response and the confusion that comes along with it. Still, muster was completed in about 8 minutes. If you would have told me this before the installation of the E-Muster system, I would have thought you were lying.

Brian Hargreaves

Captain, Transocean

American Packaging Corporation

It is peace of mind to know that everyone can be quickly accounted for in an emergency, allowing for a more effective response.

David Sherrard

Safety Manager, American Packaging Corp.



Ariel Corporation

Ariel Corporation

Westmoreland Coal

Westmoreland Coal

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