Mass Notifications & Alerts

Emergency Mustering

Mass Notifications & Alerts

Send emergency alerts to anyone or everyone

Alert by SMS, email, note, or all three!

Pre-set emergency alerts for faster evacuations

Alert by contact, group, location, or status

Two-way texting

Multiple Channel Alerts

Choose from SMS text, email, or PC popup alerts – or all three. By allowing multiple options and channels, organizations are able to reach all employees in the fastest possible time.

Multi-Channel Mass Notifications & Alerts
Quick Pick Messages for Emergency Mass Notifications

Pre-Set Alert Messages

Quick Pick Messages allow you to pre-record messages for future alerts. In an emergency, every second counts. Pre-set messages such as “Evacuate now!” or “Are you okay?” allow for maximum efficiency in letting everyone in your facility know of danger immediately. Quick Pick Messages can also be used for common non-emergency alerts such as “The meeting starts in 5 minutes”.

Two-Way Texting

The two-way texting feature allows you to confirm employees are safe and accounted for. A mass communication could read “Are you okay?”. If an employee is not safe, they are able to send an alert with their GPS location allowing emergency personnel to locate them quickly.

Emergency Mass Alerts Two-Way Texting