Facial Recognition

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Facial Recognition

The fastest way for visitors to check in and update their status as they enter, move through, and leave your facilities

Unlock the future, one face at a time

Using facial recognition technology, Savance Workplace provides a modernized solution to seamlessly manage staff, visitors, and contractors. This system effortlessly integrates with Savance check-in and mustering solutions, ensuring a smooth sign-in process and complete accountability during emergencies, resulting in a safer and more secure workplace.

Staff Facial Recognition

Effective sign-in solution for staff

Facial recognition offers organizations an even faster and more accurate approach to managing employee sign-ins. This advanced technology ensures quick and reliable verification, eliminating the risk of buddy punching and removing the need for physical credentials and related hardware like badge cards or RFID readers.

How it works

Registration: Staff members get their picture taken at a Savance kiosk to register their facial data.

Checking In and Out: Moving forward, when a registered employee approaches the kiosk, their face will instantly be authenticated by the scanner to check in or check out.


Speed and convenience

Facial recognition instantly recognizes personnel registered in the system. There’s no need for physical credentials like key cards or manual log-ins.

Increased security

Accurate identification and authentication ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed to sign in and gain access.

Increased accuracy

By using biometrics, you can eliminate staff signing in other employees on their behalf (i.e., Buddy Punching).

Use Case

Each morning, employees at a busy corporate office breeze through their check-in using Savance Workplace facial recognition. After a one-time registration of their facial data at a Savance kiosk, employees are recognized instantly on subsequent visits. They simply approach the kiosk, which identifies them, and completes the check-in process in seconds. This efficient and touchless system replaces the need for key cards, mobile credentials, or manual log-ins, ensuring a smooth and secure start to their day.

Visitor and Contractor Facial Recognition

Speed up the sign in process for visitors and contractors

Improve the experience for visitors by using facial recognition at Savance Visitor Management kiosks. Visitors and contractors can quickly register their facial data on their first visit, enabling them to check in nearly instantly when they return.

How it works

Registration: Visitors and contractors can opt in for facial recognition during or after their first visit using information that’s already been fed into the Savance self check-in kiosk.

Checking In and Out: When they depart or return, visitors and contractors can walk up to the kiosk and their faces will instantly be identified, enabling a lightning-fast process.


Efficient and professional

Visitors are welcomed with an efficient, high-tech check-in experience.

Enhanced security

Biometric technology ensures that only verified individuals gain access to the premises.

Use Case

A contractor arrives on-site for a month-long project. On their first day on the job, they scan their state-issued ID or driver’s license at a kiosk, answer appropriate questions not yet answered on a potential pre-registration check-in, watch a safety video, and sign an NDA. As they are signing in, they are given the option to take a picture and enroll their facial data. Moving forward, as they approach the kiosk, they are immediately identified and signed in or out, being directed to their designated area without delay.

Emergency Mustering Facial Recognition

Accounting for people in emergency situations using facial recognition

During an emergency, having a quick and accurate mustering process is crucial. Equipped with facial recognition technology, Savance Emergency Mustering revolutionizes how people are accounted for during critical times when every second counts.

How it works

Prior to Emergency: Staff and Visitors are registered in the Savance Workplace facial recognition system using a mustering tablet, kiosk, or browser-based administration.

Step 1: During the evacuation, personnel are gathered at designated muster points equipped with Savance muster tablets.

Step 2: The emergency coordinator points the camera on a muster tablet at people assembled at their muster point (one or more people at a time are supported). The facial recognition system instantly identifies people and marks them safe in real-time.

Step 3: Other online muster tablets, supervisory display boards and browser-based dashboards are updated in real-time to make mission-critical decisions on the safety of everyone onsite.

Step 4: Mustering audit reports are available post-drill and post-emergency to help improve future emergency preparedness.


Speed and efficiency

Instead of scanning credentials at muster tablets or selecting people’s names from a list, muster takers can simply point a muster tablet at someone’s face to expedite the mustering process.


Facial recognition eliminates the issue of personnel forgetting or misplacing credentials when evacuating and mitigates human error that can occur when selecting a person from a list.

Use Case

During an emergency evacuation at a large manufacturing plant, employees and visitors gather at designated muster points outside the facility. Using the Savance muster tablet, emergency coordinators scan each person present with the built-in camera. Each individual is quickly identified and marked as safe, streamlining the roll-call process. This efficient system ensures that everyone is accounted for without delay, allowing coordinators to manage the situation swiftly and accurately and life-critical safety decisions to be made in the most timely manner possible.

Synchronization for Facial Recognition

Synchronization across multiple locations

Savance Workplace facial recognition is designed to seamlessly synchronize across multiple locations within an organization. Once facial data is registered, it can be used at any Savance check-in kiosk or muster tablet.

How it works

Single registration: Register facial data once at a Savance self check-in kiosk, muster tablet, or browser-based administration tool.

Accessibility: Data is securely synchronized across all authorized devices and locations using a Savance Workplace system.

Ease of use: Check in and account for people with facial recognition at any Savance-enabled facility.


Consistent experience

Whether a staff member, visitor, or contractor is at the main facility or a remote location, facial recognition is consistent and the check-in process remains the same.

Enhanced flexibility

Use any Savance-enabled kiosk or mustering tablet across the entire organization without anything more than your face!

Centralized data

Simplifies administrative tasks by maintaining a unified database for facial data.

Use Case

A corporate employee frequently travels between multiple offices throughout the year. They register their facial data at the Savance self check-in kiosk located at the main headquarters. Now, with every other location using a Savance system; they are instantly recognized and checked in without having to go through the registration process again.

VHC Health

  • Since implementing the Savance Visitor Management solution, we have seen staff perception of safety increase, and security incidents involving non-employees have significantly been reduced.
VHC Health has streamlined its visitor tracking and security processes through the implementation of Savance Visitor Management with facial recognition technology. This innovation has significantly improved efficiency for staff and ensured a more secure environment for their facility.

Rod McGillivary Memorial Care Home

  • After having a practice fire drill that showed absent staff still left in the building, the staff saw how important the Savance system was to account for them in emergencies [using facial recognition]…Knowing that we will not be sending emergency responders into the building during an emergency to find a staff member that we previously did not know if they were in or out is invaluable.
Rod McGillivary Memorial Care Home enhanced its staff accountability by integrating the Savance Electronic In Out Board staff check-in system with facial recognition technology. The use of facial recognition eliminates buddy punching by ensuring accurate identification of employees and provides a safer environment by maintaining an active employee roster of who is onsite in real-time.

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Facial Recognition

The fastest way for visitors to check in and update their status as they enter, move through, and leave your facilities