Visitor Management

  • What is visitor management?

    Visitor management enables organizations to track and control the people who visit their facility to ensure safety and security. This is crucial, as it helps in identifying who is in the facility, the purpose of their visit, and ensuring that they are following the necessary protocols. Savance Workplace streamlines and automates this process, making it easy to manage any type of visitors‚Äč.

  • What are the benefits of a visitor management system?
    A Visitor Management System (VMS), such as Savance Workplace, offers benefits like enhanced security, streamlined visitor check-in processes, improved compliance with organizational and legal requirements, and a professional image. It also provides valuable insights with custom reporting, improved efficiency, and ultimately enhances the overall visitor experience‚Äč.
  • Why is visitor management important?
    Visitor management is crucial for maintaining security, compliance, and a professional image. It helps in identifying and managing visitors efficiently, ensuring they comply with the necessary protocols, while providing a safe and welcoming environment. The data collected can also be used for insights and compliance reporting, making it an essential aspect of modern facility management.
  • How does a visitor management system work?
    A Visitor Management System (VMS), like Savance Visitor Management, operates by automating the entire visitor lifecycle. Pre-registered visitors can complete any requirements before they arrive on-site, and use a barcode or QR code for expedited check-in. Visitors that aren‚Äôt pre-registered can check themselves in at self-service kiosks, with their phone, or be checked in by reception staff at attended stations. The system notifies the host of the visitor's arrival, prints badges, and issues activated credentials. All visitor data is securely logged for future reference or compliance purposes‚Äč.
  • How do you choose a visitor management system?

    When choosing a Visitor Management System, consider the following:

    • Integration: Ensure the VMS can integrate well with your existing security and IT infrastructure.
    • Compliance: Ensure it adheres to legal and organizational compliance standards.
    • Scalability: Choose a system that can grow with your organization's needs.
    • Ease of Use: The system should be user-friendly for both visitors and staff.
    • Customizability: Look for systems that can be tailored to meet your specific operational and branding requirements.
    • Support: Opt for vendors that provide solid technical support and training.
    • Reviews & Recommendations: Consider feedback from other users and industry experts like your access control partner or trusted security integrator.

    Evaluating these factors will help in selecting a VMS that aligns with your organization's goals and operational needs. Engaging with vendors like Savance Workplace for a personalized consultation can provide a deeper understanding of your requirements and how to best meet them.

  • What should be covered in a visitor management process?
    Every organization will have different requirements depending on the type of visitor. A robust visitor management process covers the registration of visitors (including pre-registration), identity verification, the issuance of visitor badges and activated credentials, informing the host of visitor arrival, and ensuring visitors are aware of and comply with site policies. Savance Workplace is able to automate all of these processes, and different workflows can be created for different types of visitors, providing a seamless and secure experience from arrival to departure.‚Äč
  • What compliance requirements should a good visitor management system provide?
    A robust Visitor Management System should adhere to legal and organizational compliance requirements by securely logging visitor data, ensuring identity verification, and providing detailed visitor analytics and reporting. It should also support compliance with health or safety regulations as required, for instance, by enabling health screenings during the check-in process or requiring contractors to pass through safety training.
  • How can I automate my visitor sign-in process?
    Savance’s Visitor Management system offers multiple check-in options, including self-check-in kiosks, attended check-in stations, and mobile check-in. Additionally, pre-registration allows for quick and easy sign-in, enabling any requirements to be done before arrival. Automatic arrival notifications keep hosts informed, and expiring credentials can also be automatically issued to visitors - enabling unattended entrances and giving them the access they need.
  • Can I use QR codes or barcodes to sign in visitors?

    Yes, you can. Savance Visitor Management allows for the use of QR codes for a mobile check-in (and check-out) experience. Hosts can pre-register visitors, who will then receive a QR code via text or email for quick and easy sign-in upon arrival‚Äč. Visitors can also fill out required information using their mobile devices before they arrive, streamlining the process when they reach your facilities.

  • What is the best way to have visitors sign in to my facility?
    The best way to sign visitors into your facility is by providing a mix of self-service kiosks, attended check-in stations, and mobile options to ensure flexible and efficient processes, catered to the preferences of your visitors and the operational needs of your facility.‚Äč
  • What is the best visitor management system available?
    Savance Workplace offers a comprehensive Visitor Management system that streamlines and fully automates the visitor lifecycle, ensuring a smooth experience from arrival to departure‚Äč‚Äč. For businesses that don‚Äôt have complex visitor requirements, their access control system might be able to do everything that they need it to. For more information, schedule a meeting with a Solution Engineer.
  • Can visitor management systems help with security?
    Absolutely! Savance Workplace enhances security by ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access; and by keeping a real-time record of all visitors, contractors, and staff on-site. Automated notifications and integration with access control systems further bolster security measures.‚Äč
  • Does a visitor management system replace front desk staff?
    In some cases a visitor management system can replace front desk staff, but not necessarily. It depends on the needs of your organization, your desired outcome, and your facilities. In situations where front desk staff cannot be replaced, Savance Workplace can improve operations by automating mundane tasks, allowing front desk staff to focus on more value-added activities. Savance Workplace provides options for both self check-in kiosks and attended stations, supporting flexible operations that meet the unique needs of any facility‚Äč.
  • What types of companies use visitor management systems?
    Companies of all types and sizes use visitor management systems to enhance security and streamline visitor processes. This includes corporations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and many others. Savance Workplace can be customized to meet the specific needs of a wide range of industries.
  • Where can visitor management systems be used?
    Companies of all types and sizes use visitor management systems to enhance security and streamline visitor processes. This includes corporations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and many others. Savance Workplace can be customized to meet the specific needs of a wide range of industries.

Emergency Mustering

  • What is emergency mustering?
    Emergency mustering is the organized assembly and accounting of personnel during and after an emergency to ensure everyone's safety.
  • What features should an effective mustering and evacuation management system possess?
    Key features of an effective mustering and evacuation management system include real-time personnel and visitor tracking, integration with existing access control systems, offline mode functionality for accurate mustering during network outages, and rugged hardware for reliable operation in various environmental conditions.‚Äč
  • How can I automate the roll call process with technology?

    The roll call process can be automated seamlessly with Savance's Emergency Mustering solution. Muster stations provide a real-time roster of everyone that is on site, and people can be marked safe by either scanning their credentials at the muster station, or selecting their name. With Savance Workplace, roll calls are quick, accurate, and efficient, even in offline mode‚Äč.

  • How does technology improve the accuracy of mustering?
    Technology significantly enhances mustering accuracy by providing real-time data on personnel location and status. Systems like Savance Emergency Mustering utilize existing access control systems and rugged tablets to facilitate quick and precise roll calls, even in offline scenarios, ensuring all individuals are accounted for during emergencies‚Äč.
  • How does a modern emergency mustering system enhance evacuation management?
    Savance Workplace provides a real-time roster of every person that is on-site, enabling quick and accurate roll calls during emergencies.
  • Can you use employee badges to run a muster or roll call?

    Yes, with Savance Emergency Mustering, employees and visitors can use their existing credentials to scan at muster stations during a roll call. This technology enables fast and efficient emergency roll calls ‚Äď ensuring an accurate roster of individuals on-site ‚Äď even in if there is no power or network connectivity‚Äč.

  • Why is an automated emergency mustering system important?

    An automated emergency mustering or emergency management system provides a faster and more accurate way to account for everyone, reducing chaos and ensuring timely responses during emergencies.

  • Why is a mustering system essential for effective evacuation management?
    Emergency Mustering systems like Savance Emergency Mustering minimize the time taken to account for everyone during an emergency, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the evacuation process. The Savance Workplace system also provides accurate data for post-event analysis, aiding in compliance reporting and continual improvement of emergency response procedures.
  • How do mustering systems ensure the safety of visitors and contractors during an evacuation?
    Emergency mustering systems like Savance Workplace extend the safety protocols to visitors and contractors by including them in the real-time roster of individuals on-site. During an evacuation, visitors and contractors can use muster stations to confirm their safety, ensuring they are accounted for alongside regular staff.‚Äč
  • Can mustering systems integrate with other security and safety infrastructure?
    Yes, emergency mustering systems often integrate seamlessly with existing security and safety infrastructure such as access control systems. This integration enables automatic status updates and gives people the ability to use their credentials to mark themselves safe at a muster point.
  • Can the emergency mustering system operate during power outages or network failures?
    Yes, mustering with Savance Workplace is designed to work even when there is no power or network connectivity.
  • How do mustering systems support post-event analysis and reporting?
    Savance Workplace provides crucial data on the evacuation process as well as a complete roster of on-site personnel (and, optionally, visitors). This data supports post-event analysis, compliance reporting, and helps in refining emergency response procedures for future incidents.
  • What kind of hardware is used in modern emergency mustering systems?

    Modern mustering systems utilize a variety of hardware, but most commonly use rugged tablets and badge readers.

  • How can an emergency mustering system assist in multi-location scenarios?
    Savance Workplace is able to sync information across multiple muster stations. If someone is supposed to go to muster station 1, but they go to muster station 2 instead, both roll call stations will reflect the information, and an accurate muster can still be completed. Data from multiple sites or buildings can be managed anywhere, providing a centralized view for emergency coordinators.
  • How does Savance Workplace's Emergency Mustering work?
    Savance Workplace uses real-time data from badge scans and/or status updates to provide an accurate real-time list of every person that is on-site during emergencies. Muster stations can be used to either scan credentials or select people to mark them safe. For people that are missing, their contact information, picture, and last location can be viewed from the muster station. See Savance Emergency Mustering to learn more.
  • How does Savance Workplace streamline the mustering and evacuation management process?
    Savance Emergency Mustering provides a reliable roster of every person on-site, supports quick and accurate roll calls with rugged tablets, and integrates with access control systems for frictionless and automatic status updates. This technology-driven approach streamlines the mustering and evacuation management process, enhancing overall safety and compliance‚Äč.
  • Can the emergency mustering system integrate with our existing access control or security systems?
    Yes, Savance Workplace is designed to integrate seamlessly with your access control system.
  • How does the mustering system handle visitors or temporary personnel?
    With Savance Workplace, visitors can be tracked alongside employees from any device, ensuring everyone's safety in a moment’s notice.
  • How user-friendly is the Savance Workplace Emergency Mustering interface?
    When emergencies happen, every second matters. Savance Workplace is designed for high-stress situations - the interface is intuitive and straightforward so that everyone’s safety can be ensured as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • How does Savance Workplace ensure data accuracy during mustering?
    By integrating with real-time data from access control systems and allowing for manual inputs, the Savance Workplace mustering system ensures a comprehensive and accurate list of every person that is on-site.
  • Can the mustering system send alerts or notifications during emergencies?
    Yes, alerts or notifications can be sent by email, text, or notification in Savance Workplace.
  • How does Savance Workplace handle recurrent drills or simulations?
    Savance Workplace can be used for regular emergency drills, helping organizations practice and refine their emergency response procedures. Data from custom reports allows organizations to optimize their Emergency Action Plan and ensure their Emergency Preparedness.
  • What support and training does Savance Workplace offer for its Emergency Mustering solution?
    Savance Workplace provides comprehensive training, documentation, and ongoing support to ensure organizations are able to effectively use the system during crises.

Electronic In Out Board

  • What is an electronic in out board and how does it function?
    An electronic in out board is a digital platform that displays the real-time status of employees; helping organizations know who is in, out, or away from the office. Savance Electronic In Out Board can be viewed or updated from any device, and can also be automated by integrating with access control systems, allowing for automatic status updates as individuals badge in or out of the facility.
  • What are the advantages of using an electronic in out board?
    Electronic in out boards streamline communication, enhance security, and provide valuable data for resource allocation and compliance reporting. They replace outdated manual boards and paper logs, reducing errors and saving time.
  • How can an electronic in out board contribute to workplace efficiency?
    By providing real-time visibility into staff availability and location, electronic in out boards facilitate better resource allocation, quick response to emergencies, and improved coordination among team members.
  • How does Savance Workplace's Electronic In Out Board stand out?
    Savance Electronic In Out Board is fully customizable to display the information that matters most to your organization, in real-time - offering a sleek, professional appearance while promoting better accountability and resource management.
  • How can I track and improve vendor compliance within my facility?
    Savance Workplace’s Electronic In Out Board can be utilized for real-time tracking of visitors, contractors, vendors, and employees within your facility as well as custom reporting. Crucial information can be viewed from any device at a glance, facilitating improved compliance and accountability. Interactive, custom Status Boards can also be used as staff and vendor check-in kiosks, while showcasing real-time location statuses and other pertinent information.

Status Boards

  • What are custom status boards and how do they benefit an organization?
    Savance Workplace‚Äôs custom Status Boards are electronic in out boards that are tailored to display important real-time status information at a glance. The most commonly displayed information is essential to an organization, such as employee status, resource tracking, and company announcements. Status boards enhance communication, accountability, and provide a quick overview of critical operational data‚Äč.
  • How can I track and improve vendor compliance within my facility?
    Savance Workplace’s Electronic In Out Board can be utilized for real-time tracking of visitors, contractors, vendors, and employees within your facility as well as custom reporting. Crucial information can be viewed from any device at a glance, facilitating improved compliance and accountability. Interactive, custom Status Boards can also be used as staff and vendor check-in kiosks, while showcasing real-time location statuses and other pertinent information.
  • How can custom status boards improve staff accountability?
    By displaying real-time status information, status boards promote transparency and accountability at a glance, aiding in resource allocation and ensuring everyone is aligned with organizational objectives‚Äč.
  • What types of information can be displayed on custom Status Boards?
    Custom Status Boards can display a variety of information, including employee in/out status, resource availability, meeting schedules, emergency status updates and alerts, and other data important to operations‚Äč.
  • How customizable are Savance Workplace's custom Status Boards?
    Savance Workplace offers a high degree of customization with its status boards, allowing organizations to display any pertinent information in a format that aligns with their branding and operational needs‚Äč.