12″ PoE All-in-One

The PoE (Power Over Ethernet) All-in-One PC is the perfect size for a time clock. Simply run one Ethernet drop and use it on a desktop stand or mount it to any surface and you have yourself the perfect staff check-in kiosk for Time & Attendance* for payroll tracking.

*The Time & Attendance module is included as part of Savance Electronic In Out Board.

Product Description

Small, Yet Powerful

The 12” PoE All-in-One touch panel PC is the size of a tablet; however, it comes with the power and features of our larger kiosks. Its fanless operation and IP65-certified sealed front bezel makes it great for business use.

PoE Capabilities

The PoE All-in-One comes with the option of being used in remote locations where an AC power is not easily available. The injected PoE allows power to be injected where it’s more convenient, giving you the flexibility to run one Ethernet wire to supply network connectivity and power to the unit.

Easily Mountable

The PoE All-in-One supports the standard VESA 75mm hole pattern. It can be easily mounted on a wall, desktop stand, fixed mounting arm, or even an articulating arm for greater flexibility and use.

Responsive Touch Screen

The 12” All-in-One comes with advanced PCAP Multi-Touch technology making it as responsive as an iPhone. The touchscreen is also designed to be resistant to surface scratches.

Industrial-Grade Components

The 12” All-in-One PC was built with industrial-grade components to handle 24/7 use. This also means a longer life expectancy and fewer repairs compared to consumer-grade computers. Because of its low power consumption, another bonus is lower operating costs.

Built-in RFID Support

The PoE All-in-One is available with optional built-in RFID technology allowing you to scan a badge by simply waiving it in front of the touchscreen.