13″ Semi-Rugged Muster Tablet

Versatile and ultra-light Windows tablet PC with a special, rugged enclosure. Top handle and back hand pad for easy grab-and-go. Hard-wired Ethernet and USB ports make this a good solution for reliable network connectivity and the external proximity badge reader option. Use with Savance Emergency Mustering solution for up-to-the-minute emergency preparedness.

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Product Description

Magnetic quick-release for muster tablet

Ready at a Moment's Notice

Magnetic, quick-release connection to power supply or to optional dock makes your Muster Tablet ready to go at a moment's notice. Top handle and back hand pad for easy carrying.
Scan and go muster point check-in

Quick Prox Reader Check-In

Supports the use of an external proximity badge reader, attached neatly to the back of the device, for quick badge or key fob muster point check-in.
Barcode scanning option for muster tablet

Barcode Scanning Support

Supports the use of an external barcode scanner for multiple barcode symbologies, incl. Linear, 2D Stacked, and 2D Matrix.
Reinforced corners

Durable & Drop-Protected

The Muster Tablet comes with a rugged enclosure with reinforced corners, for enough protection to handle even drops to the concrete. Meets MIL-STD 810G drop specification.
Long battery life illustration

Long Battery Life

The 13" Muster Tablet has a 10-hour battery life average, so you can trust it to keep going strong in an emergency situation, supporting your efforts to keep staff and visitors safe.
Dual-purpose as a Visitor Management kiosk

Dual-Purpose Kiosk

In addition to being used for emergency management, the Muster Tablet can be dual-purposed as a Visitor Management self-service check-in device and/or an employee status board or check in/out point.
Optional tablet dock

Optional Dock

Optional docking station provides device charging as well as additional USB ports for printers and other devices.
Grab and go wall mount kit

Easy Grab & Go Mount

Optional wall mount kit with long snap mount rail specifically designed for the Muster Tablet's rugged case. Features a quick-release mechanism for easy grab and go.