15″ Touch Screen Kiosk

Our 15″ enterprise line wall- or stand-mountable kiosk provides a large viewing area and resilient touch screen. This unit is most commonly used for Visitor Management purposes, often in combination with our Podium Kiosk stand. This device is also available in a 22″ version.

Product Description

touch screen visitor check-in kiosk

Easy, Effective Visitor Sign-In

Resilient all-in-one touch panel PC allows visitors to easily check in, read required materials, watch a safety video, or agree to terms with a signature.
Staff check-in and payroll tracking options

Real-Time Staff Updates

Allow staff to sign in and quickly update their status in real-time, manually or by swiping their badge. Extend use by utilizing the tablet as a time clock for payroll and Time and Attendance purposes.
Use touch screen as an interactive status board

Use as a Status Board Display

Another popular use case for the 15" Touch Screen Kiosk is as an interactive status board display, allowing people to view the status of staff members, resources, patients, and more.
Visitor Management Kiosk on Podium Stand

Multiple Mounting Options

Depending on your needs, the 15" Touch Screen Kiosk can be wall- or desk-mounted, or used with our popular Podium Kiosk stand.
Prox reader check-in option

Quick Prox Reader Check-In

An added proximity card reader will allow for quick badge or key fob check-in for staff and visitors. Want to take things a step further? Check out our Access Control Integration options.
Visitor Management Kiosk Accessories: Badge Reader, Camera, Label Printer

Optional Add-Ons

Add a camera to be able to capture photos of your visitors; a label printer to easily print professional visitor passes or name tags; and an ID scanner to easily capture information from a driver's license, a passport, or an ID card.