42″ Touch Screen Kiosk

Sleek and slim 42″ all-in-one touch screen computer that will add interactivity to any environment. This unit is often used as a custom-designed interactive Large Screen Display, showing the status of employees, resources, and more, while also allowing staff members to update their status, either manually or by adding a prox reader for badges.

Product Description

interactive elctronic in out status board

Interactive Large Screen Display Board

The 42" Touch Screen Kiosk is most frequently used as an interactive Status Board, replacing a traditional physical in/out board. Simply click on a field to update statuses, add comments, and more.
Prox reader check-in option

Quick Prox Reader Check-In

AWith the addition of a proximity card reader, users can quickly check in or update their status by scanning a badge or a key fob. To take things a step further, check out our Access Control Integration options.
Secure options for staff check-in

More Secure than a Traditional In/Out Board

While some organizations just need a basic electronic in/out board with a simple click to access and update, others require more security. For increased security, opt to require a pin or an employee badge to make changes and send messages.
Wall-mount option for large screen display board

Multiple Mounting Options

Our touch screen kiosks can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on your needs and the layout of your board. Due to their size, the 32" to 70" touch screen kiosks are most frequently wall-mounted (recommended); however, floor stands are available as well.
Large format touch screen check-in kiosk

Support for Mixed Content

To make the most out of your large touch screen kiosk, our customizable Large Screen Display solution supports mixed content. Choose to include company news and announcements, local weather, and more.
Unified look between multiple devices

Unified Look Across Units & Solutions

Often particularly important for larger corporations with multiple kiosks, our 32" to 70" touch screens provide a unified style across sizes. Savance also offers custom design to ensure Large Screen Display boards, Visitor Management kiosks, and staff check-in solutions all match your organization's unique branding and style.