Color Name Tag Printer

The 4800dpi full-color name tag printer is a fast and easy-to-use desktop printer for high-quality labels and tags up to 4” wide. Great for visitor name tags in combination with Savance Visitor Management.


Product Description

4800dpi Full-Color Printing

The Color Name Tag Printer is full-color and prints photo-quality images and bar codes on water- and scratch-resistant labels, up to 4” wide. Print everything from text and bar codes to full-color photos, illustrations, and graphics.

Includes What You Need to Get Started

The Color Name Tag Printer comes with everything you need to start printing labels: design software, ink cartridge, USB cable, and a sample of high-gloss labels.

Patent-Pending Ink Level Warning

Patent-pending ink level warning calculates actual number of prints remaining based upon ink usage of graphics being printed.

Fast & Easy-to-Use

The Color Name Tag Printer is easy-to-use both when it comes to set-up and operation, and high print speeds let you print labels and tags quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Design Options

The Color Name Tag Printer comes with a built-in label design program for quick and easy designs and changes; however, you can also import designs from other design programs or even print directly from other software.