Facial Recognition and Temperature Scanner

The facial recognition and temperature scanner provides the capabilities to serve two different functions.

Facial Recognition: This device can be used to perform facial recognition on staff or visitors using biometric technology to improve speed and accuracy. This can speed up the check in process for staff, visitors, and contractors. It can also reduce buddy punching in time and attendance situations. Finally, it can increase security by using facial recognition to verify the person using biometrics so you allow access to only those who should have access.

Temperature Scanning: To help reduce the chance of unhealthy people entering a facility and for CDC compliance, this device is equipped with an infrared temperature scanner and leverages facial recognition technology to know when a human head is in the right location for the infrared sensor to measure a person’s body temperature. It’s essentially an automated temporal scanner. The Temperature Scanner provides a quick and easy method to allow or restrict access based on body temperature. Easy-to-read green and red on-screen messages and verbal feedback make this a perfect fit for automatically reading temperatures for staff, visitors, or patients.

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Product Description

How Does It Work?

Pairing this device with a Savance kiosk, tablet, or touch-less check-in solution, organizations can quickly identify and validate a person to control check-in or access to a facility. In addition, you can ask staff, visitors, and contractor screening questions regarding COVID-19 or other applicable topics and take their temperature during this screening process. This maintains a fully reportable audit trail of anyone in and out of the building and can help main conformance with security and safety protocols.

Rather than relying on a member of staff and the use a temporal scanner, the Facial Recognition and Temperature Scanner completely automates the process of taking a person's temperature. This is done through facial recognition and an infrared sensor, where staff, visitors, or contractors just need to line up their face for the scanner to automatically take their temperature. The scanner then displays a green or red on-screen message showing whether a person has passed or failed the temperature screening.

If temperature is too high, an message can be displayed on the screen and an alert can be sent, and - if used in combination with access control or a turnstile - entry to the facility can be denied.

If using a Podium Kiosk, the Facial Recognition and Temperature Scanner can be mounted to the side of the kiosk.