Kiosk Camera

The Kiosk Camera, which mounts directly to the top of your visitor or staff kiosk, lets you capture photos of visitors and employees quickly and easily — and with high quality results. It’s a very popular addition to Savance Visitor Management solution, and also a great option for Time & Attendance tracking.

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Product Description

How Does It Work?

Podium Kiosk with Kiosk Camera for Visitor Management and Time Tracking
The Kiosk Camera uses a custom bracket that allows it to be moved up and down or rotated as needed. The camera is one of our most kiosk popular add-ons, and areas of use include:
  • Visitor Management: Take pictures of visitors for printing and viewing on a label, badge, or on the screen. Add to Whitelists or Blacklists for future visits.
  • Time & Attendance: Eliminate buddy punching by snapping a picture of staff as they sign in, allowing for full audit of who actually signed in at a particular kiosk at any given time.