Podium Kiosk

Sleek, yet heavy duty podium-style floor stand allowing you to use a wider range of touch screen kiosks, from our 22” tablet all the way up to our 42” touch screens. The Podium Kiosk is great as a Visitor Management or Health Screening kiosk, or for staff status updates. With a larger viewing area, people can quickly and easily see other people’s statuses, update their own status, and send and view messages.

Product Description

There are multiple options for customizing the Podium Kiosk to suit your branding and use case. A list of available add-ons and accessories can be found below.

Add-Ons & Accessories

Custom-branded podium decal

Custom-Branded Decal

We'll design, print, and ship a custom-branded magnetic decal for your kiosk floor stand.

Top-mounted kiosk camera

Kiosk Camera

Custom-mounted kiosk camera for staff and visitor use.

Printer tray add-on for podium kiosk

Printer Tray

Printer tray for our kiosk floor stand. Works perfectly with the Visitor Label Printer, as well as with card readers. Max two trays per floor stand.

Temperature scanner for visitor and staff kiosk

Temperature Scanner

Hands-free and fully automated temperature scanning for staff and visitor screening.

UV light cleaner for visitor and staff kiosk

UV Light Cleaner

Proactive high-touch surface disinfectant that works by dispensing germicidal UV-C light at low levels.

Caster wheels for podium kiosk

Caster Wheels

Set of 4 lockable caster wheels for the floor stand.