Savance Health Screening

Highly customizable COVID-19/health screening and temperature scanning solution for visitors and staff.


In more ways than one, COVID-19 has shifted the way we conduct business. Not only has it become crucial to take steps to prevent the spread, but organizations also need to protect themselves from risk and liability. Savance Health Screening provides options for doing both.

Automated Temperature Scanning

Temperature scanner mounted to a kiosk allows for hands-free, automated temperature scanning as a part of an overall health screening process.

Health Screening Kiosk - Customizable Health Screening Questions

Customizable Health Questionnaires

Customize the health screening process with your own question and answer options. Customize different question profiles for screening staff and visitors.

Touchless Screening Option

Allow a user to scan a barcode at the kiosk and complete the entire health screening process on their own mobile device.

Touchless Health Screening
Health Screening Pre-Screening at Home Illustration


Cut down screening times by allowing staff and visitors to fill out the health screening questionnaire ahead of time via their mobile device or PC. Mobile barcodes to quickly complete screening upon arrival.

Vaccination Status & Test Management

Stay in compliance with federal vaccination mandates by making it easy for employees, contractors and visitors to confirm COVID-19 vaccination or test status, via self-service kiosk, computer, or smart device. Prompt unvaccinated persons to provide required test results. Easily update processes based on changing regulations and requirements.

Upload vaccination proof and/or test results via kiosk, smart device or computer
COVID-19 Leavels of Commitment: Report, Alert, Prevent

Configurable Level of Commitment

While the COVID-19 pandemic affects all businesses, the level of commitment each organization is ready to make is different. Savance has taken our experience assisting organizations safeguard staff and visitors, and put the approaches into three different categories.


We believe that your software and hardware solution from Savance should have a look that fits your company, not ours. We will design your Health Screening solution to match or complement your specific branding and style.

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Additional Features


Stop the screening process, provide instructions to the user, and send email and SMS alerts to internal staff when a staff member or visitor fails a health screening.

Access Badge Integration

Allow staff to use their existing access card as a sign-in credential, eliminating the need for them to enter their name each day.

Door & Turnstile Control

Open a door or turnstile only if someone passes their screening and temperature check.

Access Control Integration

Require employees to complete and pass a health screening each day in order to have their access card activated to its normal access level.

Real-Time Status Board

Get a real-time view of who has checked in today, who has passed, and who has failed from any PC.

Full Reporting

Run historical reports for staff, visitors, or both.

Contact Tracing

Create contact tracing reports to know who entered the building, where they went, and who they may have been in contact with.

UV Cleaner

UV light automatically cleans the kiosk screen when the kiosk is not in use.

Print Labels

Add a label printer to print a sticky label tag showing someone has been screened - and has passed their health screening.

Add a Barcode Scanner

Utilize a barcode scanner for visitor IDs or pre-registration barcodes.

Use with Any Hardware

Set up a PC, a kiosk, a tablet, or go touchless to ask staff and visitors customizable health/covid-19 screening questions

Post-Pandemic Options

If your need for Health Screening ends with the COVID-19 pandemic, easily turn your Health Screening kiosk into a check-in solution for staff and/or visitors.

Want more details on COVID-19 Screening? See a breakdown here: Savance’s COVID-19 Screening Solution

Want more details on COVID-19 Screening? See a breakdown of Savance’s COVID-19 Screening Solution.

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Savance Health Screening

Highly customizable COVID-19/health screening and temperature scanning solution for visitors and staff.

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Seamless Integration

Electronic In Out Board Interfaces

Savance EIOBoard

Easy-to-use digital in/out board that works in realtime. Multiple interface options allow staff to quickly update their status using a computer, a staff kiosk, or a mobile device.

Visitor Management Self Check-In Kiosk

Savance Visitor Management

Electronic visitor sign-in adds visitors to your Emergency Mustering tablet. Using self-service kiosks, custom-branded to your organization, visitors can easily sign in and out.