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Solutions to Streamline Operations and Compliance in Banking & Finance

Savance Workplace’s integrated solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of the banking and finance sector. In an industry where precision and confidentiality are paramount, Savance Workplace equips financial institutions with tools to streamline processes, modernize security protocols, and adapt to dynamic challenges.

Solution Spotlight

Enhance operational efficiency, strengthen security measures, and adapt to shifting regulatory requirements

Banking and Finance Illustration for Electronic In Out Board
  • Employees that spend a significant time out of the office also find the EIOBoard valuable so they do not have to check in as often and can be reached wherever they are. Tricia Long, Gainer Donnelly
Electronic In Out Board

Real-time Electronic In Out Board for enhanced team accountability

Communication and coordination are essential in banking and finance. Savance Workplace offers an Electronic In Out Board that keeps everyone informed and up-to-date. Customizable large screen status displays can provide visibility into team activities, facilitating efficient communication regardless of where your team is located.

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Banking and Finance Illustration for Visitor Management
  • Managers are thankful not to have to depend on email as much. Rachel Causley, Soo Co-op Credit Union
Visitor Management

Streamlined visitor and contractor management

Efficient Visitor and Contractor Management is crucial for security and risk mitigation. Savance Workplace simplifies these processes with tools such as automated check-in procedures and automatic visitor arrival notifications. Our solutions replace old school paper sign in sheets, bolstering security while replacing cumbersome manual processes. 

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Large Building Fire Emergency Illustration
  • It’s really handy now that we can get a hold of people with the chat feature. Rachel Causley, Soo Co-op Credit Union
Emergency Mustering

Emergency preparedness and communication

In times of crisis or emergency, effective communication is crucial. Savance Workplace’s emergency management system simplifies coordination and communication during critical events. Instant alerts and notifications assist with efficient life saving responses, safeguarding your team’s well-being. No business is immune to emergencies. So when they happen, you want to be prepared.
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Modernizing Operations for a Dynamic Industry

In the fast-paced industry of banking and finance, staying ahead means embracing modern solutions while adhering to regulations. We understand how critical it is for sustainable and ethical operations in the financial sector. Our products assists in navigating complex regulatory landscapes, reducing compliance risks and ensuring institutions maintain their reputation. 

Savance Workplace empowers financial institutions to create secure, efficient work environments. Our tailored solutions provide the tools needed to enhance productivity and accountability in an ever-evolving industry.

Enhance efficiency and accountability across all banking and finance operations.

Automate visitor and contractor management processes.

Upgrade emergency response and communication.

Foster a culture of productivity and transparency.

Stay updated with real-time information on team activities and locations.

Custom-branded software solutions for the banking and finance industry

Custom Design to Fit Your Organization

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Case Studies

Explore how Savance Workplace is helping financial institutions optimize their workflows

SOO CO-OP Credit Union Case Study Illustration

Soo Co-Op Credit Union

  • Now our branch employees can work in a more efficient way.
Soo Co-op Credit Union is a retail credit union with seven branches located in northern Michigan. The team was on a mission to improve their loan process since tellers faced long wait times with customers when contacting a loan officer about the status of an application. Most often, the employees found themselves leaving voicemail messages, causing delays for the customer. As a result, they needed a better way to locate employees in the branches to avoid these delays for the tellers. Luckily, they found their solution by using the Savance Electronic In Out Board.
Gainer Donnelly Case Study Illustration

Gainer Donnelly

  • The tax department especially uses Future Status for scheduling vacations, so that there’s always someone in the office for client consultations.
Gainer Donnelly, headquartered in Houston, TX, is a certified public accounting firm providing tax, audit, and consulting services for corporate and individual clients. The team was on the search for a better communication system for the office because their initial process was done manually through a loudspeaker intercom system. Many employees and visitors found this disruptive during busy hours, prompting them to find a way to better manage their outside visitors, improve employee communication, and track the whereabouts of the staff. The Savance Electronic In Out Board has significantly enhanced their process.
Financial Services Customer

Barnes Wealth Management Group

  • After the implementation of the Savance system, the Barnes Wealth team has an easy way to keep track of staff members and to keep everyone informed at a glance.
Long-time financial advisors Barnes Wealth Management Group, headquartered in California, needed a better way to manage its growing office. The solution came in the shape of Savance Electronic In Out Board, updated primarily via a desk-mounted staff check-in kiosk, as well as a stylish, branded-to-Barnes custom-designed Status Board that shows each staff member’s photo, name, and current status at a glance.
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