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Solutions to Boost Productivity & Accountability in Commercial Services Settings

In the rapidly evolving commercial services sector, the demand for increased productivity and heightened accountability is greater than ever. Whether your team operates remotely, follows a hybrid model, or works on-site, Savance Workplace offers tailored solutions to meet your demands head-on.

Solution Spotlight

Increased productivity and accountability for remote, hybrid, and in-office workplaces

Staff Management for Commercial Services Sector - In Field Illustration
  • On a more basic level, we were looking for an easy-to-use digital in/out board, where we could easily make changes and manage staff. We also wanted a system that we could easily replicate to a different site. Antony Jones, Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Electronic In Out Board

Enhance team accountability & productivity with real-time data

In a world where work can happen anywhere, tracking employee statuses and availability is essential for optimal productivity. Savance Workplace offers an Electronic In Out Board that keeps everyone informed in real-time. Provide visibility into team activities and facilitate efficient communication regardless of where your team is located – whether they are in the office, in the field, or working from home. In-office, use a custom large-screen Status Board for at-a-glance access to any type of information you need, whether employee- or process-related.

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Visitor Management Illustration - Visitor with Name Tag
  • The overall functionality of the system is working out great for us, and coordination of visitors has improved dramatically. Marc Spontack, Motor City Electric
Visitor Management

Improve efficiency, compliance & overall safety by automating your visitor processes

Managing visitors and contractors efficiently is a common challenge in the business services sector. Savance Workplace’s electronic Visitor Management solution streamlines these processes by automating check-in procedures. Integrated safety protocols, event registration, and documentation enhance security and access control, eliminating the need for manual logs.
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Manufacturing/Factory Emergency Management Illustration
  • We have recommended Savance, and I talk highly about it because I think it’s a good platform, it’s fairly priced, it works well. If there is a need for visitor management or emergency mustering, I wouldn’t look anywhere else. Aron Caryl, Wesco Systems
Emergency Mustering

Keep everyone safe by improving procedures for emergency preparedness & evacuations

In times of crisis or emergency, effective communication is paramount. Savance Workplace’s emergency management system simplifies coordination and communication during critical events, and provides you with an up-to-the-minute digital tool for roll-call during a potential evacuation. Instant alerts and notifications ensure swift responses, safeguarding your team’s well-being.
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Modernize Operations & Drive Accountability

In a business world that never sleeps, optimizing operations and ensuring accountability are crucial. Savance understands these complexities and provides solutions that empower commercial service providers to create secure, efficient work environments. Our tailored solutions equip your organization with the tools needed to enhance productivity, promote accountability, and navigate the challenges of today’s business landscape.

Boost productivity and accountability across remote, hybrid, and in-office teams.

Automate visitor and contractor management processes.

Facilitate efficient emergency preparedness and communication.

Foster an organizational culture of productivity and accountability.

Stay updated with real-time information on team activities and locations.

Samples of custom-branded solutions for the commercial services sector

Custom Design to Fit Your Organization

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Samples of Solutions Created for Commercial Service Businesses

Electric utility company visitor management system

Visitor Management & Access Control Integration for Electric Utility Company

When deciding to expand its current Savance Workplace system, Capital Electric Cooperative’s goals included improved staff accountability and an automated visitor check-in process. This was done by adding RS2 access control integration for instanct staff status updates, as well as a custom-branded Visitor Management kiosk with QR code scanning for pre-registration and quick sign-out.

Interactive Employee Status Board for Commercial Services Business

Interactive Employee Status Board for Commercial Services Business

Dynalectric, part of EMCOR, the world’s leading provider of mechanical and electrical construction and facilities services, needed a way to better manage its 150 employees. In addition to the various options available with Savance Electronic In Out Board, an interactive Status Board was also implemented for quick and easy updates and access to other team member statuses.

Electronic Visitor Management System for Electric Cooperative

Improved Safety & Accountability for Electric Cooperative

East Central Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative (ECI REC) wanted to improve safety and accountability by better managing staff and visitors. This was accomplished by implementing a Savance Workplace system consisting of Savance Electronic In Out Board, Visitor Management (displayed here), and Emergency Mustering.

Case Studies

Learn how other companies are leveraging Savance software to increase productivity and employee transparency.

Business/Commercial Services Case Study Illustration - Wunderlich Malec

Wunderlich-Malec Engineering

  • The mustering app makes it much easier, and that’s what we rely on for emergency evacuation. It’s as accurate as it can be since we integrate with our access control system and using anti-passback.
Multi-site engineering company Wunderlich-Malec Engineering has a long history of designing and implementing engineering solutions for commercial, industrial, and government markets. With 30+ facilities and over 400 staff, it was challenging to keep track of employees and to know who was on the premises at all times. This included having proper Visitor Management. With a Savance Workplace system, and 3xLOGIC access control integration, Wunderlich-Malec was able to improve visitor and staff safety.
Motor City Electric Case Study Illustration

Motor City Electric

  • The overall functionality of the system is working out great for us, and coordination of visitors has improved dramatically. We highly recommend Savance to others looking for similar solutions. It’s an amazing company to work with.
With a 100,000 square foot service center, being able to properly track visitors and contractors that come to the building is imperative; however, Motor City Electric (MCE) had a manual process for signing in, and no way to track visitors throughout the building. Now, visitors sign in using a self-service kiosk, and can even pre-register online prior to arriving onsite. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company also utilized a temperature scanner as part of a combined visitor management/health screening process.
Mann Mechanical Company Business Services Case Study Illustration

Mann Mechanical Company

  • There were people working on-site, working from home… On any given day, we could have people in six different locations.
Mann Mechanical Company Inc. (MMC) is a 200-250 employee mechanical contractor that performs construction jobs in most of the Southeast part of the United States (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina). On any given day, MMC has staff in multiple locations, and without a reliable system in place, it was hard knowing who was where and how to get a hold of them. Savance Electronic In Out Board helped rectify the problem, resulting in improved communication and accountability.
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