Solutions to Enhance Safety & Efficiency at Educational Institutions

Educational institutions prioritize the safety and well-being of students and staff. Savance Workplace empowers schools and universities with technology that streamlines critical processes to ensure safety and security.

Savance Workplace customer logos in the education field
Savance Workplace customer logos in the education field
Solution Spotlight

The solutions you need to upgrade campus communication & bring student safety up-to-date

Staff Tracking for the Education Industry - Electronic In Out Board Illustration
  • It stops that question, ‘Where is this person?’ It helps to make that decision about how to follow up. It really enhances communication throughout our organization. Steve Young, Judson PreK-12 Independent School District
Electronic In Out Board

Greatly improve safety, accountability & employee efficiency with real-time data

Keeping track of faculty movements within schools and campuses is essential for safety and administration. Savance Workplace offers an Electronic In Out Board that provides real-time updates on faculty status based on locations and activities. Customizable large-screen Status Boards can keep everyone informed in real-time, enabling efficient communication across any type of educational facility or campus.

Savance Workplace can also be used for student attendance tracking and as the basis for managing emergencies, evacuations, and drills.

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Emergency Management System for Schools & Universities/Education Field Illustration
  • In case of a fire or evacuation event, we needed the ability to perform a roll call to make sure everyone was out. Brian Dugas, Edesia
Emergency Mustering

Keep everyone safe by improving emergency preparedness & processes for evacuations

During emergencies, such as fires, lockdowns, or medical incidents, effective communication can mean the difference between life and death. Savance Workplace’s emergency management system simplifies communication and coordination during crises. Instant alerts and notifications can be sent to inform relevant parties, enabling efficient emergency response and ensuring the safety of students and staff.
With a complete picture of every person that is inside your facilities, you can take emergency preparedness a step further by always having an up-to-the-moment list for roll-call during evacuations, fire drills, or active shooter incidents.
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Electronic Visitor Management for Elementary Schools & Universities Illustration
  • The visitor kiosk has been flawless! As [a student] organization, we feel much better now that visitors are required to check in and get a name tag. Elie Simon, Minnesota Hillel, University of Minnesota
Visitor Management

Ensure compliance & improve student safety by automating your visitor processes

Managing visitors and events in educational institutions can be complex. Between parents, guests, professors, teachers, and the students themselves, it’s a daunting challenge to attempt to account for everybody. Savance Workplace simplifies these processes by automating check-in procedures. With integrated safety protocols, event registration, and documentation, institutions can ensure controlled access and enhance security. No more manual guest logs or event sign-ins.
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Modernize School/Campus Operations & Student Safety

Educational institutions today face the challenge of balancing efficiency with student safety. With evolving threats and the need for quick response and communication, facilities need flexible technology. Savance understands these complexities and is committed to providing solutions and a robust framework that enhances safety and security, optimizes operations, and promotes effective communication.

Savance Workplace solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of the education industry, equipping you with the tools you need to create a secure and productive learning environment.

Enhance campus safety and security for students and staff.

Improve operational efficiency and communication.

Automate visitor management processes.

Facilitate effective emergency preparedness and communication.

Stay updated with real-time information on campus activities.

Foster an institutional culture of safety and accountability.

Perform real-time background checks during the visitor check-in process.

Custom-Branded Status Boards and Visitor/Staff Management Kiosks for the Education Field

Custom Design to Fit Your Organization

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Samples of Solutions Created for Customers in the Education Field

Employee Status Board for University

Interactive Status Board for University Staff

In order to improve staff accountability and safety on campus, Yale University’s EHS Department replaced a magnetic in out board with custom-designed, interactive Savance Workplace status boards that also act as employee check-in kiosks. Using multiple Savance Workplace interfaces, e.g. browser-base, Microsoft Outlook add-on, and mobile apps, staff can update and view statuses from anywhere..

Self-Service Check-In Kiosk for Education Service District Visitors and Staff

Visitor/Staff Management & Access Control Integration for Student Services Organization

Willamette ESD is a multi-faceted organization with a workforce of over 450 professionals serving 21 Oregon K-12 school districts (81,000+ students). For better efficiency, safety, and accountability, Savance self check-in kiosks for visitors and staff were implemented, along with Johnson Controls Kantech access control integration for easy employee status updates.

Status Board Showing Student Location Statuses - Custom Student Tracking Solution

At-a-Glance Status Board for Student Location Statuses

The US Air Force Academy Preparatory School needed to keep track of its students, both on and off base. The Prep School’s Savance Workplace solution consists of student self check-in kiosks with badge readers, as well as a custom Status Board that provides a quick, at-a-glance view of student statuses: on base, on base but off campus, and off campus.

Custom Health Screening Kiosk for University Students

University Student Health Screening Kiosk

During the COVID-19 pandemic, West Virginia State University needed a way to screen students and minimize spread. For a quick and easy screening process, Savance Workplace provided wall-mounted Health Screening kiosks equipped with temperature scanners.

Public School Staff In Out Status Board with Photos and Mixed Content

Public School Staff In Out Board with Mixed Content

This Status Board was created for Shelby County Public Schools. The School District needed an Electronic In Out Board for staff tracking purposes, and also wanted to include mixed content, such as a Daily Mission, weather, and important upcoming calendar events.

Student Self Check-In Kiosk with Student ID/Barcode Scanning

Self-Service Kiosk for Student Attendance Tracking

For attendance tracking purposes, Lamont Elementary School District needed a better way for students to sign in and out as they arrived for parent classes at the school. Students were issued a Student ID with a barcode for quick and easy check in and check out using Savance Workplace self-service kiosks.

Case Studies

Learn how other educational institutions are leveraging Savance software to make their operations smoother and campuses safer

UMN Student Organization Minnesota Hillel Case Study

Minnesota Hillel, UMN

  • We did not have a detailed or consistent process for visitors to check in. We wanted a solution that was efficient, detailed, and enabled us to see who attended our events.
University of Minnesota student organization Minnesota Hillel was using paper sign-in sheets to sign in guests during various student events, a process that was both ineffective and time-consuming. This was replaced by Savance Visitor Management along with PDK access control sync in order to enable Open Table integration.
University of Alaska - Savance Workplace Case Study Illustration

University of Alaska

  • We also use [the Savance Workplace system] just to see who’s available. When we need to talk with someone, we’ll check the [Electronic In Out Board] before getting up and walking to their office.
Before finding Savance all the way back in 2003, the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Student Services department needed a better way to communicate and track employee statuses. With Savance Electronic In Out Board, EIOBoard, UAA was able to achieve both improved communication and better staff accountability.
Judson PreK-12 Independent School Disctrict Case Study Illustration - Savance Workplace

Judson School District

  • Our staff is pretty mobile. A paper logbook was fine for starting and ending the day, but didn’t help throughout the day.
Judson Independent School District is a PreK-12 public school district in San Antonio, Texas, with 25,000 students and 4,000 teachers and staff members. The Savance Workplace system was implemented to keep track of a team of about 100 computer technicians, network professionals, and data specialists that serves all 28 school district campuses.
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