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Solutions to Enhance Productivity and Safety in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage manufacturers must prioritize the safety and well-being of employees while ensuring an efficient work environment. Savance Workplace empowers manufacturing facilities with technology that streamlines these critical processes to guarantee security and productivity.

Savance Workplace customers in the food and beverage industry
Savance Workplace customers in the food and beverage industry
Solution Spotlight

The solutions you need to strengthen employee communication, workflow, and security

Electronic In Out Board/Staff Tracking for Food & Beverage Industry Illustration
  • EIOBoard makes it easier to compile and run reports on our employees, saving us a tremendous amount of time. Andrew Lee, BSI Designs
Electronic In Out Board

Oversee your organization as a whole to get complete accountability of every employee and staff onsite

Savance Workplace’s Electronic In Out Board increases the accountability of every person on your worksite. This technology ensures that employee status is automatically updated in real-time from multiple interfaces and/or integration with access control. Add a custom-designed Status Board to have all the information you need available at a glance.
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Manufacturing/Factory Emergency Management Illustration
  • It is peace of mind to know that everyone can be quickly accounted for in an emergency, allowing for a more effective response. David Sherrard, American Packaging Corporation
Emergency Mustering

Increase safety and security of staff by effectively managing emergency preparedness & evacuations

During the time of crisis or emergency, communication is an asset in any manufacturing environment. Savance Workplace provides Emergency Mustering systems for critical situations where reliable communication and a simplified coordination process are crucial. You are guaranteed robust security processes through instant alerts and notifications, simplified roll calls, and multiple options for employee status updates.
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Food and Beverage Company Emergency Mustering Illustration
  • We have a solution that allows us to know who is in our facility at any time, and as a food manufacturer, that’s critical. Brian Dugas, Edesia Nutrition
Visitor Management

Automate the visitor check-in process to improve efficiency and meet compliance standards

Administer your visitor lifecycle for both employees and contractors under one umbrella while ensuring industry compliance standards for data security and on-premise monitoring. With rapid sign-ins and immediate arrival notifications, you are guaranteed to improve the check-in experience for everyone onsite.
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Modernize Food & Beverage Operations and Safety

Food and Beverage manufacturers face operational challenges while complying with safety measures everyday. Facilities must solve these bottlenecks through efficient and modernized technology solutions by integrating systems that can simplify workflows and strengthen security. Savance Workplace prioritizes these manufacturing processes by providing a framework that gloves to your needs.

Implement automated systems for managing visitors and contractors, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Enhance emergency readiness and communication channels for swift response and efficiency.

Cultivate a workplace environment that emphasizes productivity and accountability across the organization.

Utilize real-time tracking tools to monitor employee activities and locations while staying ahead of operations at all times.

Custom-branded software solutions for the food and beverage industry

Custom Design to Fit Your Organization

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Samples of Solutions Created for Customers in Food & Beverage

Customized Visitor Management Check-In Screen for Nestle

Custom Branded Check-In Solution for Global Food & Beverage Company

Nestle, a well renowned food & beverage company implemented a Visitor Management system to efficiently streamline the visitor check-in process with custom branded logos and colors. Nestle’s Savance Workplace solution also includes a custom-designed Status Board.

Land O Lakes Customized Health Screening Kiosk

Customized Check-In Solution for Butter & Cheese Producer

This Health Screening system was customized for Land-O-Lakes, America’s largest butter and cheese producer, to streamline the health screening process for those on site.

Tofurky Customized Visitor Management Kiosk for Visitor Sign-In and Sign-Out

Custom Branded Check-In Solution for American Vegan Deli Brand

Tofurky, an American vegan deli brand first implemented a Savance Health Screening solution during COVID-19, which has since been converted into a full Visitor Management system to ensure an effective and efficient visitor check-in and check-out process using their custom branded logos and colors.

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