Robust Solutions to Ensure the Safety & Efficiency of Government Agencies  

Savance Workplace understands how imperative it is to prioritize the safety and efficiency of city, county and town governments for the community. We guarantee a solution for the most complex environments while meeting compliance standards.

Local Government Industry Customer Samples
Local Government Industry Customer Samples
Solution Spotlight

The tools you need to increase accountability, save money and automate essential processes.

Office building/government employee status tracking illustration
  • It is […] easy for users to update their statuses, and for co-workers to see if other workers are in office, on vacation, out sick, or working from home. Being able to see co-workers’ statuses and contact info at-a-glance is really helpful. Thomas Shay, Carlton County, MN
Electronic In Out Board

Achieve full accountability for each employee across all departments and throughout your entire organization

It is a common case for many organizations to use a traditional magnetic in out board to track the status of their employees. This traditional system typically slows down workflows because of frequent manual inputs and the fact that it is only viewable from one location. By use of multiple interfaces, all working simultaneously in real-time, Savance Electronic In Out Board can dramatically reduce these inefficiencies and keep track of who’s onsite at all times. Add another layer by integrating with your access control system.
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Large Building Fire Emergency Illustration
  • [The Savance Workplace system] gives us a snapshot of who is in the building, and who we know are out of the building, plus we have their contact information. William Holland, Greene County Public Health
Emergency Mustering

Oversee evacuations and guarantee the safety of every individual in the municipality

Tracking every staff and visitor in a government facility in times of crisis is a critical element. With Savance Workplace’s Emergency Mustering system, workers can quickly account for every person that is onsite with mobile muster stations and mass notifications in real-time to guarantee accountability and safety of each individual. 

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Local government/office building visitor illustration
  • We really needed a secure way to protect critical evidence from people coming and going from the labs. Drew Emory, State of Vermont Public Safety
Visitor Management

Guarantee compliance for visitors and contractors while automating their procedures

The check-in process for visitors is an essential part of securing the safety and confidentiality of government-related organizations. Whether that is the general public or contractors, being aware of who is coming into the building should ensure a peace-of-mind for everyone involved. Savance Workplace’s Visitor Management system easily streamlines the visitor process with an automated check-in solution, to effectively validate identifications and perform real-time background checks.
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Modernize Government Operations & Employee Safety

Government industries face a whirlwind of challenges when operating multiple employees, visitors and contractors onsite. However, many continue to function through slow and traditional systems for employee tracking and visitor check-ins that can result in undependable data. With an industry that heavily relies on security and safety, it is vital to ensure a smooth sailing system. 

Savance Workplace solutions are customized and tailored to meet the distinctive needs of government-regulated industries, providing you with the tools necessary to establish a secure and productive work environment. 

Guarantee the compliance and life safety of government personnel.

Optimize operational efficiency and communication within agencies.

Automate visitor management processes to align with industry standards.

Enhance emergency preparedness and communication strategies through efficient mustering processes.

Stay current with real-time information.

Sustain a culture of safety and accountability.

Conduct real-time background checks as part of the visitor check-in process in facilities.

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Feature Spotlight

Integrate with your access control & life safety system

Sync credentials and reader events

Have a clear picture of everyone’s last location by syncing credentials between your access control system and Savance Workplace. As people use their credentials at readers, their status information is updated in Savance Workplace, giving you a clear picture of who is on site and where they last were.

Activate or deactivate credentials

Credentials can be automatically assigned based on successful check-ins with any requirements being met either from a kiosk or a mobile device. Credentials can be deactivated on time-based or conditional rules as well; and credentials can also be manually activated and deactivated from attended stations.

Integrate with life safety systems

A wide range of life safety systems, sensors, and devices can be integrated with Savance Workplace to provide triggers for emergency response workflows like alerts, evacuations, and mustering.

Custom-branded solutions for local government organizations

Custom Design to Fit Your Organization

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Samples of Solutions Created for Customers in Local Government Industry

Custom Employee In Out Status Board for Local Government Agency

Ford County, a local government agency located in Ford County, KS, approached Savance Workplace’s services to implement EIOBoard. This system was adopted to monitor the on-site status of their employees, which incorporated essential details such as employee information, real-time work location and schedule availability.

Custom-designed employee status board for local government/county agency

Custom In Out Board with Overview of Employee Information and Location 

The County of Riverside, located in southern California, adopted EIOBoard across its three offices. Their objective was to establish a status board offering a quick overview of each employee’s current status. Following the implementation, the staff experienced a sense of reassurance, being well-informed about the location and real-time status of every employee.

Customized Status Board for Michigan County Office

Roscommon County, the home of Michigan’s Other Great Lakes, approached Savance Workplace to integrate EIOBoard, along with a custom-designed Status Board. Given the county’s numerous department facilities, they sought a solution to track office openings, closures and estimated return times. This is a sample of the status board implementation.

Case Studies

Discover how these local governments have enhanced accountability and implemented life safety protocols

Carlton County, MN, Electronic In Out Board Case Study Illustration

Carlton County, MN

  • EIOBoard is so helpful for co-workers and supervisors to know where people are at all times of the day.
Carlton County, MN, needed a better way to keep track of employees across departments, a way to be able to keep everyone informed of coworker statuses and current locations. By implementing Savance Electronic In Out Board, the county greatly improved interdepartmental communication and overall efficiency.

State of New Mexico EMNRD

  • With the Savance EIOBoard system, we are able to display the status of employee availability on everyone’s computers and in common areas. This has made it easier to tell which employees are available and has helped us improve overall efficiency.
The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) implemented Savance Workplace to streamline visitor management and enhance security protocols across multiple government facilities. The state achieved improved efficiency and accuracy in tracking visitors, reducing administrative burden. Not only did this optimize security measures, but also provided a user-friendly experience for both staff and visitors.

City of Wheat Ridge, CO

  • We needed to get away from the magnetic board, and EIOBoard is a stable, and mature product.
In the compact community of 30,000 residents, Wheat Ridge, CO, came to Savance Workplace to upgrade its conventional magnetic board to a modernized Electronic In Out Board. Since its implementation, Wheat Ridge has enjoyed a seamless and efficient system for several years in both their City Planning office and Recreation Center. The staff has notably improved communication channels, simplifying dispatcher scheduling and facilitating the tracking of employees’ complex schedules.
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