HIPAA-compliant solutions for the healthcare industry

In today’s healthcare industry, few things are more important than patient satisfaction. Savance Workplace helps you achieve this goal, using HIPAA-compliant solutions tailored to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Customer Logos
Healthcare Customer Logos
Solution Spotlight

Electronic Solutions with the Ultimate Goal of Improving Patient Satisfaction

  • We have seen marked improvements in operations, workflow, and patient satisfaction since implementing [the Savance] system. Donna Yoshida, Valley Children’s Hospital
Healthcare Visitor Management

Revolutionize healthcare operations with a streamlined visitor lifecycle

Merely identifying patients or visitors that are entering a healthcare facility is no longer enough. Staff must not only identify individuals entering the building, but also prioritize safety, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and facilitate a seamless check-in process for visitors.

How can we help?

Savance Workplace elevates the standard for accountability and goes beyond identification. We strive to fully transform the visitor experience with an efficient journey for staff, patients, and visitors that ensures the wellbeing and safety of everyone in the healthcare facility.

By streamlining the entire lifecycle of a visitor, the check-in process is frictionless with mobile check-in, easy to use kiosks, and facial recognition for nearly instant check-ins when you return. By making conformance painless, the healthcare industry can gain robust security and workflow efficiency.

Electronic Patient Tracking
  • The Savance system helps identify issues while the patient is still here, as well as trends opportunities for improvement in areas where bottlenecks can occur. Jennifer Hagerty, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital
Patient & Staff Tracking

Understand staff and patient flow to identify areas in need of improvement

Anyone who has been a patient is likely familiar with the long wait times that come with the simplest of procedures. It is frustrating to wait a long time for something as simple as a blood draw, and this can have a negative effect on the overall patient experience.

How can we help?

Savance’s comprehensive and easy-to-use patient and staff tracking solution helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve the effectiveness and efficiency of workflow processes and clinical procedures. Easily identify and eliminate bottlenecks for better patient throughput; decreased patient visit and wait times; and higher patient satisfaction ratings.

Healthcare Staff Status Board Displays
  • If you’re more efficient, you might see more patients and generate more revenue, or reduce costs. If you improve customer satisfaction, patients will refer others to you. These are all downstream benefits that can accrue over time. Dr. Jeffrey Dome, Children’s National Health System
Healthcare Staff Display

Increased communication and visibility among healthcare staff

In this technologically advanced world, many healthcare facilities still rely on old-school white boards for keeping track of both staff and patients. Not only does a static white board make real-time updates impossible, but it also does not allow for any sort of communication between staff members when it comes to patient care.

How can we help?

Savance Healthcare Staff Display is a digital large format status board solution that shows all current staff or patient information in real-time. Savance’s custom-branded and fully customizable status boards allow you to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction through increased at-a-glance visibility and staff communication.

Easily update and view statuses and add comments using a computer, a mobile device, or from the status board itself, replacing white boards once and for all. Real-time location monitoring access is also supported.

Healthcare Waiting Room Display Board
  • The significance is visibility. Patients see where they stand in the queue. Staff can proactively keep workflows moving. Dr. Jeffrey Dome, Children’s National Health System
Waiting Room Display

Increased patient visibility and communication – while protecting confidentiality

Lack of visibility in healthcare waiting rooms often result in patient and family member anxiety and frustration; however, when patient privacy is at stake, there is a fine line between giving too much information and too little.

How can we help?

Savance’s Healthcare Status Boards are a HIPAA-compliant solution that keeps patients and family members fully informed of waiting times and updates, straight from the hospital or clinic waiting room.

Savance’s custom-branded and fully customizable status boards allow you to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction through increased visibility and communication, while at the same time protecting patient confidentiality.

Electronic Patient Self Check-In Kiosk
  • We were able to cut wait times by an average of 15 minutes, improve the registration time by 4 minutes, and reduce the overall visit by 20 minutes on average. Donna Yoshida, Valley Children’s Healthcare & Hospital
Patient Self Check-In

Quicker patient registration and more accurate patient information

A common pain point we hear from customers in the healthcare industry is related to patient registration, and includes;

  • Trouble acquiring accurate and complete information about patients.
  • Patient registration and wait times that are too long.
  • Frustrating paper processes for both patients and healthcare staff.
How can we help?

Savance allows hospitals and healthcare clinics to replace paper sign-in sheets and patient intake forms with a real-time, HIPAA-compliant electronic patient self check-in solution. Results include a quicker patient registration process, more accurate patient information, shorter wait times, and more satisfied patients. Our kiosks can also be used for visitor and contractor management.

Achieve the Ability to Meet Current Challenges

Healthcare facilities are under significant pressure to meet ever-increasing challenges to fulfill their mission to provide superior patient care while remaining financially sound. Streamlining services and saving money has never been more important. Facilities also work under a demanding regulatory scheme.

At Savance, we recognize these demands, and have applied our experience and expertise in automating institutional processes to the healthcare industry. Our goal is to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities of any size and type save time and money while improving the patient experience and the working environment of healthcare staff.

Let us provide your healthcare organization with the leverage it needs to not only survive a tougher economy and a healthcare reform, but the ability to thrive.

Improved patient flow and patient tracking

Improve patient satisfaction scores

Improved hospital check-in for patients

Monitor and Improve wait times and processing times

Record the patient’s length of stay and procedure times

Improve HIPAA-compliant information sharing with patients and their families

Patient sign-in services that are 24/7

Improve infection control

Custom-branded patient check-in, waiting room displays, and staff status boards for the healthcare industry

Custom Design to Fit Your Healthcare Organization

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Why Savance Workplace?

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Savance currently helps multiple large hospitals across the United States use data and technology to streamline operations and improve the patient experience.

Innovative Approach to Healthcare

Savance provides innovative solutions to problems that have plagued the healthcare industry for years. Our solutions allow for real-time tracking of patients and healthcare staff.

Fully Scalable & Customizable

The Savance Workplace system is fully scalable and customizable. We make sure we understand not only the problems you are trying to solve but also exactly what you envision for the future.

Built-In, Customized Reporting

Flexible reporting provides instant access to all the data you need to watch climbing efficiency rates, improve staff scheduling, exercise inventory control, and more.

Case Studies

Learn how other healthcare facilities have improved processes and increased patient satisfaction

Children's National Health System Case Study

Children’s National Health System

  • We have data points for everything. I can go into the Savance system and do a deep report, check the touch points where the patient went and pinpoint exactly where the bottleneck was — the front desk, the PCT, the provider, the lab, whatever — and streamline processes based on real data. That’s best practice.
Since becoming a Savance customer in 2013, Children’s National, the leading pediatric health system in the Washington, D.C. area, has experienced improvements in several areas of operations, including workflow and patient satisfaction.
Cameron Memorial Community Hospital Case Study

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

  • We now have the ability to focus in on patient wait times. We measure them all the time and use lean practices to constantly improve.
Since implementing the Savance system for patient tracking in 2014, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital has grown to rely on it for its day-to-day operations. In addition to improving patient wait times and patient satisfaction, Cameron Memorial has also seen improvements in internal communication and staff efficiency.
Indianapolis VA Medical Center Case Study

Indianapolis VA Medical Center

  • The most important outcome of the Savance system […] is the overall improved organization, and how clearly and easily staff can communicate on patient statuses.
The Richard L. Roudebush Indianapolis VA Medical Center has been serving Indiana Veterans since 1932. Prior to Savance, the VA relied heavily on large whiteboards that did not provide the necessary flexibility and visibility to properly track patients, or to keep patients moving efficiently along the care path. Going from this to a fully technology-based solution has been a night-and-day difference.
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