Healthcare Visitor Management Solution

Healthcare Visitor Management

Customizable Visitor Management System for Healthcare Facilities

Electronic Visitor Management Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Visitor Management

Customizable Visitor Management System for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Customer Logos
Healthcare Customer Logos

Savance Healthcare Visitor Management helps hospitals and healthcare clinics transform the visitor lifecycle with easy-to-use visitor registration kiosks, mobile check-in, and the option to use facial recognition for returning visitors. By making conformance painless, the healthcare industry can gain robust security and workflow efficiency.

Merely identifying patients or visitors that are entering a healthcare facility is no longer enough. Staff must not only identify individuals entering the building, but also prioritize safety, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and facilitate a seamless check-in process for visitors.

Savance Workplace elevates the standard for accountability and goes beyond identification. We strive to fully transform the visitor experience with an efficient journey for staff, patients, and visitors that ensures the wellbeing and safety of everyone in the healthcare facility.


Speed up visitor registration and reduce wait times

Customize the solution to collect all required information during visitor registration

Utilize driver’s license/ID scanning to verify identity and to automatically capture information

Run visitors against external databases and internal watchlists to ensure safety

Eliminate paper sign-in sheets, and simplify data entry

How Does It Work?

Streamline the Healthcare Visitor Check-In Process

Electronically collecting and registering information prior to the visit dramatically reduces the check-in process time upon arrival. Details such as name, purpose of visit, expected arrival time, and other relevant information, collected through an online platform can allow for a well-coordinated visit. Once arrived at the facility, a quick QR code scan provides seamless check-in.

ID Scanning
Capturing identification of visitors without the extensive paperwork through driver’s license or state ID scanning empowers staff to swiftly read and record individual details. Requiring visitors to scan their ID also not only speeds up the visitor check-in process but greatly improves the safety of staff and patients.

Facial Recognition
Biometric technology can expedite the check-in process for return visitors through instant visitor verification; enhance healthcare security protocols; and provide a contactless experience. With accurate facial feature analysis and minimal physical contact, these operations help prevent unauthorized access to highly sensitive areas and the risk of spreading infectious diseases in the facility.

Mobile Check-In | Visitor Management

Multiple Visitor Check-In Options

Self Check-In Kiosks
Unattended, physical stations, such as the one shown above, can allow individuals to independently complete the visitor check-in process. These kiosks provide a simple and easy-to-use interface while given the necessary instructions to guide through the experience without the direct assistance of staff.

Mobile Check-In
By using a personal smartphone, visitors can check in through a mobile app to enter their information and verify identity remotely. This provides a convenient and familiar process since they have the ability to operate the check-in procedure on their own.

Attended Check-In Stations
For visitors who are unsure of how to approach the check-in process on their own, or for medical facilities that prefer to sign visitors in manually, attended stations offer individual assistance from a staff member. Staff members are given guidance through the check-in steps while addressing specific needs to ensure that the required information is accurately recorded on behalf of the visitor.

Fully Customizable & Configurable with Multilingual Options Illustration - Healthcare Visitor Management

Fully Customizable & Configurable with Multilingual Options

Savance offers the ability to fully customize your solutions to visually represent your healthcare facility. From software and hardware to design layouts, we believe that your Visitor Management solution should perfectly craft your organization’s brand language. » Read about our customization process.

Easily customize the questions asked by the Visitor Management software during sign-in to collect all the information you need on the visitor. An easy drag-and-drop editor allows you to target the process to different types of visitors as needed.

Customize further by incorporating videos, documents, visitor photos, signature capture, background checks, ID and watchlist verification, and more. Multilingual options and co-payment processing also available.

Fully Customizable & Configurable with Multilingual Options Illustration - Healthcare Visitor Management

Options to Further Automate Visitor Management in a Healthcare Setting

Arrival Notifications
Allow relevant staff members and doctors be promptly notified of who is entering the facility. This gives real-time updates for workers to prepare and offer assistance for upcoming appointments in a timely manner.

Access Control Integration
Savance offers the ability to integrate with any access control system to enable seamless coordination between visitor authorization and physical access to specific areas within the facility. Credentials can be automatically assigned from check-ins, and activated for a specific duration of time.

Real-Time Background Checks
Screening visitor information against relevant databases or watchlists as part of the check-in process ensures that individuals with potential security concerns are identified in real-time and prevents risk to those onsite.

Additional Features

UV Cleaner

In a hospital setting, preventing the spread of infectious diseases and germs is crucial. UV Cleaner option empowers staff to incorporate an extra layer of protective measures for their patients.

Easy Configuration

From basic identity verification to health and safety questions to consent and privacy information, Savance’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop question designer provides unlimited, customizable questions catered to your specific organization.

Label Printing

Completely configurable visitor labels can be generated and automatically printed during check-in, and will act as visitor identification during the visit. Self-expiring option shows visitor status at-a-glance.

Visitor QR Check-Out

Implement reminders for visitor check-out to ensure accessibility is under control during visitation hours. Simply scan visitor QR code to sign out.

Custom Reports

Eliminate the need for manual processes with straightforward, real-time data through your own custom reports. You’ll have total flexibility and access to an immediate view of current statuses for any time or date.

Health Screening

Secure and protect all patients by promptly identifying potential health risks through a health screening during check-in.

Temperature Scanning

Optional temperature scanner mounted to a kiosk allows for hands-free, automated temperature scanning as a part of an overall visitor health screening process.


Establish a comprehensive deny-entry watchlist with detailed names, photos, and real-time alerts to protect both staff and patients in the facilities.

Custom-Designed Check-In Solution for Your Healthcare Facility

Savance Workplace solutions are fully customizable and custom-branded to your organization.

Hospital Visitor Management Self Check-In Kiosk Design Sample
Custom-branded hospital patient self check-in kiosk
Electronic patient self check-in kiosk for hospital cardiac department
Case Studies

Discover how other healthcare institutions have enhanced operational procedures and elevated patient satisfaction

Greene County Public Health

  • It gives us a snapshot of who is in the building, and who we know are out of the building.
Greene County Public Health Nursing Service implemented Savance’s Visitor Management solution to efficiently register guests and vendors during each visit with a user-friendly interface. This allowed for staff to effectively manage visitor times and automate the guest check-in process.
Children's National Hospital Case Study

Children’s National Health

  • If I’m in clinic I can look at the board and see where my patients are. Before, I wouldn’t know if the patient had checked in, and if there were three others in the waiting room to see me.
Children’s National Hospital significantly enhanced its Cancer and Blood Disorders unit’s workflow after implementing Savance’s solutions. The system empowered the hospital to address inefficiencies, reduce delays, improve staff allocation, and enhance infection control which have led to improved patient satisfaction.
Cameron Memorial Hospital Case Study

Cameron Memorial Hospital

  • The Savance system helps identify issues while the patient is still here, as well as trends opportunities for improvement in areas where bottlenecks can occur.
Cameron Memorial Hospital faced challenges with patient tracking in their new facility but found a solution with Savance, integrating it with their existing pager system and customizing it for their needs. The system has significantly improved patient wait times, staff efficiency, and overall patient satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials

Anresco Laboratories

Signing in guests is very convenient. You can have your non-disclosure as part of the sign in process, and even print name tags for guests, which has impressed our clients and makes us look very professional.

Tai Ly

Operations Manager, Anresco Laboratories

Anresco Laboratories

Our new system is easy to use for visitors, and has also provided us with a way to expedite employee screening and to easily monitor compliance.

Walt Wilson

Chief Compliance Officer, Trinity Medical

Children's National Health

The significance is visibility. Patients see where they stand in the queue. Staff can proactively keep workflows moving. And administrators base staffing and scheduling decisions on real data.

Jeffrey Dome

Chief Of Hematology & Oncology, Children’s National Health

Waiting room display sample with color-coded provider statuses and status guide

Add-On Options & Solutions to Extend Use

To further increase visibility and communication for patients and visitors, healthcare-specific status boards allow patients, visitors, and providers to have a clear understanding of real-time updates. With the ability to fully customize the display to your liking, facilities can provide high quality care and satisfaction with an at-a-glance view. A common type of status board used in the healthcare industry is a HIPAA-compliant Waiting Room Display, keeping patients and visitors/family members fully informed straight from the healthcare facility waiting room. We also recommend Healthcare Staff Displays.

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