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Savance Workplace gives you the foundation you need to enforce regulatory compliance, enable unattended access, and ensure life safety during emergencies.

Are you able to account for everyone in your workplace and ensure conformance?

Visitors to Manufacturing Facility - Visitor Management for Manufacturing
Visitor Management

Enforce compliance for visitors and control their access

Ensure that every person who arrives on site has checked in and out with a complete audit trail that is accessible from any device.

Account for visitors, contractors, volunteers, interviewees, or any other kind of guest seamlessly; and tailor custom workflows for each with custom profiles.

Verify that regulatory compliance is maintained and every person is in conformance.

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Staff Status Tracking for Manufacturing Workplace Visibility
Electronic In Out Board

Get complete accountability of your workforce

Create as many statuses and custom fields as you need, and track everyone using an electronic in out board that can be accessed and updated from any device.

Sync with your access control system for frictionless status updates, and use custom designed kiosks or your own devices as check-in stations.

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Manufacturing/Factory Emergency Management Illustration
Emergency Mustering

Ensure life safety during emergencies

Know exactly who is on-site at any given time and be prepared to account for them at a moment’s notice when disaster strikes.

Perform roll calls with muster stations that sync with your kiosk activity and access control system so you know where everyone is located within your facility.

If someone is missing during an evacuation, mass notifications can be sent and their safety can be assured with two-way communication.

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Ensure life safety and regulatory compliance by automating essential operations

Automated Credential Management Illustration Access Control

Automatically assign credentials for visitors and contractors

Automatically assign and activate proper access control credentials based on successful check-ins and screenings or revoke credentials and deny access based on configurable rules.

QR codes can be sent via email and text or labels can be printed at self-serve check-in stations to grant unattended access.

Mass communication and two-way communication for the manufacturing industry

Send mass notifications & receive two-way communications

Send multi-channel mass notifications in a moment’s notice from any device and ensure everyone’s safety with two-way communications.

Whether it is a weather alert, an active shooter, a chemical spill, a fire, an evacuation, or any other type of emergency life throws your way, you can have a workflow ready to reach your target audience immediately when every second matters.

Real-time background checks illustration

Perform real-time background checks during the check-in process

Run people through background checks, sex offender registries, and terrorist watchlists in seconds during the check-in process or before they arrive on site.

Automatically grant or deny access based on pre-defined rules or send alerts when someone has been flagged and needs approval in order to gain access.

Case Studies

You can never be over-prepared when lives are at stake

American Packaging Corporation Case Study Illustration

American Packaging Corporation

“Our company’s largest asset is our employees. Ensuring their safety at all times is critical.”

Having a complete security and tracking system in place has helped American Packaging Corporation’s bottom line of operations. Personnel are easily tracked and located, and less time is spent trying to determine who is in and who is out. From a safety perspective, the peace of mind of both managers and employees has increased, knowing that everyone can be quickly accounted for in an emergency situation.

Ariel Corporation Case Study Illustration

Ariel Corporation

“Our visitor security has increased, and we have better visibility on everyone who is in our facilities at any time.”

Ariel’s entire visitor process has been automated and streamlined. When visitors sign in through a self-service visitor kiosk, they watch a required safety video, sign an NDA, and get their picture taken. A text message gets sent to the host, and a visitor name tag is printed. Longer-term visitors and contractors receive custom, full color access cards. With the addition of Savance Emergency Mustering, Ariel has an up-to-the-minute tool for roll call in case of an emergency.

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