Solutions to Ensure Compliance & Enhance Safety in the Mining Industry

Savance Workplace offers comprehensive solutions tailored to address the unique challenges of the mining industry: ensuring regulatory compliance, enhancing safety during emergencies, and optimizing operations.

Savance Workplace Customers in the Mining Industry
Savance Workplace Customers in the Mining Industry
Solution Spotlight

The tools you need to embrace automation, enhance security, and establish a culture of safety and accountability.

Manufacturing/Factory Emergency Management Illustration
  • We need to know when they’re here, and when they’re gone. If someone is logged in but not actually on the property, it could be a disaster in an emergency situation. Martin Rowland, Westmoreland Mining
Emergency Mustering

Manage evacuations and ensure the life safety of every person on your worksite

During emergencies, such as cave-ins or hazardous incidents, accounting for every person on site is crucial. Savance Workplace’s Emergency Mustering system simplifies evacuations by providing real-time visibility into personnel locations. Using a paper roll call with people yelling out names and hoping for an answer, while maybe passable in a drill, are not realistic to depend on in the chaos of a true emergency. With Savance mustering tablets, emergency personnel can perform accurate headcounts in a timely manner, ensuring no one is left behind and expediting emergency response.
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Visitor Management for the Mining Industry Illustration
  • The existing guest sign-in process was a sign-in book at the reception counter. We needed to get with the times and improve security and safety to match society today. Brian Bell, Ariel Corporation
Visitor Management

Ensure compliance for visitors and contractors and automate their processes

Savance Workplace understands the incredibly complex nature of visitor and contractor management in mining sites, and revolutionizes the process by automating the check-in procedure. Safety protocols, video inductions, and required documentation are seamlessly integrated, ensuring compliance and granting appropriate access. No more antiquated paper sign in/sign out logs to track personnel.
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Mining Industry Worker Management Illustration
  • We don’t want to be outdated when it comes to technology. We wanted to move towards a more sophisticated look. Mike Selinger, Thyssen Mining
Electronic In Out Board

Get complete accountability of every person on your worksites and your organization as a whole

The traditional in out board’s limitations are a thing of the past. Modern mines need better visibility into their employee movements than magnets and whiteboards. Savance Workplace offers an Electronic In Out Board that automatically updates personnel status based on their location and activity, and is viewable from anywhere. Fully customizable large screen Status Boards keep everyone informed onsite.
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Modernize Life Safety & Operational Efficiency

The mining industry faces constant pressures to enhance operational efficiency, maximize returns, and safeguard its workforce. Amidst the complexities of mining operations, incidents such as cave-ins, gas leaks, and other types of emergencies demand immediate attention. The need for proactive measures and future-proof solutions cannot be overstated. Building resilient systems is a pivotal choice that mining enterprises must prioritize, as the stakes of non-preparedness continue to escalate each year.

Recognizing the intricacies of mining environments, Savance Workplace is committed to alleviating these challenges. With a wealth of experience spanning decades, we’ve channeled our expertise to streamline critical processes within the mining sector. Our core objective is to empower mining operations, whether underground or open-pit, to establish a robust framework that ensures compliance, minimizes risk, and secures the lives of all personnel involved.

Ensure the compliance and life safety of your workforce.

Improve security for both staff and visitors.

Abandon paper lists in favor of digital efficiency.

Expedite mustering processes during emergencies.

Account for all individuals accurately and swiftly.

Enhance response time to actual emergencies.

Stay updated with real-time information on all personnel.

Real-time updates on all muster takers

Savance Workplace Featured Access Control Integration Partners
Feature Spotlight

Integrate with your access control & life safety system

Sync credentials and reader events

Have a clear picture of everyone’s last location by syncing credentials between your access control system and Savance Workplace. As people use their credentials at readers, their status information is updated in Savance Workplace, giving you a clear picture of who is on site and where they last were.

Activate or deactivate credentials

Credentials can be automatically assigned based on successful check-ins with any requirements being met either from a kiosk or a mobile device. Credentials can be deactivated on time-based or conditional rules as well; and credentials can also be manually activated and deactivated from attended stations.

Integrate with life safety systems

A wide range of life safety systems, sensors, and devices can be integrated with Savance Workplace to provide triggers for emergency response workflows like alerts, evacuations, and mustering.

Custom-branded software solutions for organizations in the mining industry

Custom Design to Fit Your Organization

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Samples of Solutions Created for Customers in the Mining Industry

Interactive status board for the mining industry, showing the status and return time of staff, grouped based on department.

Custom Employee In Out Status Board for Multinational Mining Organization

In the United States, multinational organization Rio Tinto required Visitor Management, staff tracking, and Emergency Mustering. The project included a visitor and staff check-in kiosk, along with custom Status Boards for staff and visitors. The sample shown here is an interactive board designed for Australia-based Rio Tinto Exploration.

Visitor Management kiosk created for multi-location mining organization

Custom Visitor Management for Multi-Site Mining Operation

Westmoreland Mining wanted a cohesive, yet slightly different look for the custom Savance Visitor Management kiosks used at its various locations. This was achieved by using the same general design with different location-based photos.

Status board for the mining industry, showing the status of staff and visitors

Custom In Out Board with Location & Quick View

Thyssen Mining needed an at-a-glance view of staff and visitor statuses based on current location. In addition, they wanted their custom Status Board to include a Quick View, summarizing the number of people in each location.

Case Studies

Learn how other mining companies are leveraging Savance software to make their operations smoother and processes more efficient

Westmoreland Mining Case Study Illustration

Westmoreland Mining

  • When you have an environment like a mine where safety is of high concern since lives are on the line, it’s hard to put a value on safeguards to ensure each person’s safety.
Westmoreland’s Prairie Mines operation includes six open-pit mines in Alberta, Canada. Because of the open-pit nature of the mines, government regulation require that Westmoreland keep detailed records of everyone onsite for safety compliance. Precise records of all employees, contractors, and visitors are also vital for emergency roll- call during an evacuation. By implementing its Savance Workplace solution, integrated with Westmoreland’s 3xLogic infinias access control system, Westmoreland greatly improved safety and conformance.
Thyssen Mining Savance Workplace Case Study Illustration

Thyssen Mining

  • Savance is really easy to work with. People there want to see the solution work for you. They will work with you through any challenges.
Underground mining contractor Thyssen needed a better way to keep track of employees as they moved between various work locations. By implementing a Savance Workplace solution along with Lenel access control integration, Thyssen is able to view the statuses of both staff and visitors from anywhere.
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Savance Workplace Complete Guide to Electronic Emergency Mustering eBook
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