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Solutions to Ensure Life Safety and Automate Operations for the Oil and Gas Industry

Savance Workplace gives one of the world’s most critical industries solutions to ensure life safety during emergencies, enforce compliance for visitors and contractors, and get complete accountability of their workforces and facilities.

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Solution Spotlight

Account for every employee, visitor, and contractor in your workplace and ensure their conformance

Manufacturing/Factory Emergency Management Illustration
  • We needed a mustering/headcount system that could ensure everyone would be accounted for during the potential release of hazardous/toxic gasses. Hanna Bulovski, Messer
Emergency Mustering

Manage evacuations and ensure the life safety of every person in your facilities

Most organizations in the oil and gas industry still rely on outdated processes to account for everyone that is onsite when incidents occur. Drills take longer than they should, and people that are onsite can be missing from the roster of who to look for altogether.

How can we help?

Savance Workplace keeps a complete roster of every employee and visitor in your facilities along with their last location and contact information. People can mark themselves safe at mobile muster stations by scanning their credentials or tapping their name. The last location and contact information of every person you need to find is right at your fingertips, and emergency notifications can be sent if someone is missing.

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Visitor Management for the Oil and Gas Industry Illustration
  • The existing guest sign-in process was a sign-in book at the reception counter. We needed to get with the times and improve security and safety to match society today. Brian Bell, Ariel Corporation
Visitor Management

Ensure compliance for visitors and contractors and automate their processes

Far too many organizations still rely on antiquated visitor management systems that are error prone and eat away at valuable time. Requirements like watching safety videos and signing paperwork can create bottlenecks and friction in the check-in process when people arrive, and visitors will oftentimes end up with access they shouldn’t have or go unaccounted for during incidents or drills.

How can we help?

The visitor process can be streamlined, and in many cases, completely automated with unattended entry. Contractors can fulfill their requirements before they arrive onsite, at kiosks, at attended stations, or with their own mobile device, and credentials can be issued based on successful check-ins, granting people the proper access in your facilities and allowing you to account for anyone’s location.

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Workforce Management Solutions/Status Board for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Being flexible – customizable – was key. We did not want to fit the customer to the product, but the product to the customer, and Savance was able to achieve that. Lafe Brownfield, Integrator for Ariel Corp.
Electronic In Out Board

Get complete accountability of every person in your facilities and organization

Historically, many organizations have relied on whiteboards and magnetic in/out boards to track everyone’s status. The boards can only be seen or updated in person, and changes aren’t synced or accessible anywhere else. The bottlenecks to maintaining status information across an organization leads to inaccurate information, and they also lack a good audit trail.

How can we help?

As employees and visitors use their credentials at readers throughout your facilities, their status can be automatically synced to Savance Workplace, and optionally viewed on custom-branded large screen Status Boards in a reception area or anywhere else in your facility. Status changes can also be made from kiosks or any other device. Real-time in out boards can be viewed or updated from anywhere, and can be customized to show you exactly who and what you need to see. Custom reporting also gives you a complete audit trail of your workplace.

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Offshore Emergency Mustering Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry Illustration
  • Unlike in the past, muster during drills is almost an afterthought. It occurs almost automatically, and I can focus my efforts and those of the bridge team on addressing the emergency. Brian Hargreaves, Captain/OIM, Transocean
Offshore Emergency Mustering

Ensure life safety during offshore emergencies

If you work off-shore, on a ship, oil rig, or other vessel, having a comprehensive response plan to emergencies is critical. As a company owner, you are responsible for minimizing the risk of human life and end preventable loss of life at sea. Safety procedure coordination and consistency is crucial.

How can we help?

Savance’s offshore emergency mustering solution geared specifically toward oil rig, shipboard, and other offshore emergency situations. It allows personnel and visitors to respond to an offshore emergency in the simplest and most effective manner. The Savance system provides the structure to prevent critical steps from being overlooked in case of an evacuation due to e.g. oil spills, fires, explosions, or natural disasters.

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Ensure the Compliance & Life Safety of Your Workforce

The oil and gas industry is under significant pressure to automate operations and increase profitability while protecting their workforce. Fires, explosions, and evacuations are all too common in some of the world’s most critical facilities, and being prepared with future-proof systems in place is one of the most important decisions a business can make. Mitigating risk, enforcing compliance, and ensuring life safety have never been more important; and the cost of being reactive rises dramatically every year.

At Savance, we recognize these challenges, and have applied our decades of experience and expertise to help automate essential processes for the oil and gas industry. Our mission is to give refineries, rigs, processing plants, and other critical facilities the accountability they need to ensure the compliance and life safety of their workforce.

Benefits Experienced by Current Customers

Improved visitor and staff security

Better visibility into who is onsite at any given time

No more relying on paper lists

Faster, more reliable, and more efficient musters

Easily and accurately account for all individuals

Quick identification of missing personnel

Improved response time to actual emergencies

Real-time updates on all muster takers

Savance Workplace Featured Access Control Integration Partners
Feature Spotlight

Integrate with your access control & life safety system

Sync credentials and reader events

Have a clear picture of where everyone last was in your facilities by syncing credentials between your access control system and Savance Workplace. As people use their credentials at readers, their status information is updated in Savance Workplace, giving you a clear picture of who is on site and where they last were.

Activate or deactivate credentials

Credentials can be automatically assigned based on successful check-ins with any requirements being met either from a kiosk or a mobile device. Credentials can be deactivated on time-based or conditional rules as well; and credentials can also be manually activated and deactivated from attended stations.

Integrate with life safety systems

A wide range of life safety systems, sensors, and devices can be integrated with Savance Workplace to provide triggers for emergency response workflows like alerts, evacuations, and mustering.

Custom-branded visitor management and status boards for the oil and gas industry

Custom Design to Fit Your Organization

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Samples of Solutions Created for Customers in the Oil & Gas Industry

Visitor Management System for the Oil & Gas Industry Design Sample

Visitor Management for Oil & Gas Organization

In order to be able to account for all staff and visitors, particularly in the event of an emergency, Messer’s Savance Workplace solution consists of Emergency Mustering, a custom Status Board, and Visitor Management (shown here).

Custom Status Board for Real-Time Muster Point Status Updates for Drillship

Custom Status Board Showing Real-Time Drillship Muster Point Updates

As part of Transocean’s extensive electronic Emergency Mustering system, a custom Status Board was designed to provide real-time muster point status updates at a glance.

Lab Status Board Showing Who Is Currently in the Lab

“Who’s Behind the Door” Status Board for Lab

Air Liquide needed a better way to keep track of staff and visitors. Lab displays like this custom Status Board shows staff and visitors as they badge in or out of individual labs, while a separate custom display shows all staff currently onsite.

Electronic Visitor Management for Oil & Gas Industry - Ariel Corporation

Visitor Management for Oil & Gas Organization

Before Savance Visitor Management, Ariel’s visitor registration process consisted of a sign-in book at the reception desk. The organization also utilizes the Electronic In Out Board and Emergency Mustering solutions, all integrated with Ariel’s infinias access control system from 3xLogic.

Custom Visitor Management Screen Design with Sign In Only

Custom Visitor Management with Brivo Integration

Nouryon found Savance after trying out a different solution that could not accomplish what they needes. The organization’s Savance Workplace system is integrated with its Brivo access control system. Displayed here is Savance Visitor Management.

Custom Visitor Management for the Oil & Gas Industry Design Sample

Visitor & Staff Management for Emergency Purposes

In order to account for 250 staff and all visitors, Nye Lubricants Savance system consists of Savance Visitor Management and Savance Emergency Mustering with multiple muster points, as well as integration with Keri Systems access control to track door events for mustering purposes.

Case Studies

Learn how other organizations in the oil and gas industry have increased accountability and life safety procedures

Ariel Corporation Case Study Illustration

Ariel Corporation

  • Our visitor security has increased, and we have better visibility on everyone who is in our facilities at any time.
Ariel’s entire visitor process has been automated and streamlined. When visitors sign in through a self-service visitor kiosk, they watch a required safety video, sign an NDA, and get their picture taken. A text message gets sent to the host, and a visitor name tag is printed. Longer-term visitors and contractors receive custom, full color access cards. With the addition of Savance Emergency Mustering, Ariel has an up-to-the-minute tool for roll call in case of an emergency.
Transocean Case Study Illustration


  • My relief and I have both had emergency musters since the installation of the system, and on both occasions we had musters in under 10 minutes. One of those emergencies took place at 0200 in the morning and involved significant emergency response and the confusion that comes along with it. Still, muster was completed in about 8 minutes. If you would have told me this before the installation of the Savance E-Muster system, I would have thought you were lying.
Transocean is one of the world’s largest providers of offshore contract drilling services for the oil and gas industry, working with clients such as BP, Shell, Exxon, and Chevron. Since implementing its Savance Workplace system, Transocean has seen drastic improvements to its emergency management procedures, including a minimum of 20-25% faster musters.
Messer Case Study Illustration


  • Savance Workplace is an essential part of our life safety system, and helps us quickly and accurately track personnel during emergencies without having to worry about paper lists.
Messer’s Savance Workplace system features custom life safety system integration as well as integration with Messer’s Kantech hattrix access control system. In addition to Savance Emergency Mustering, the organization uses Savance Visitor Management to account for every single person onsite, and custom Savance Workplace status boards to provide at-a-glance visibility and information in case of an emergency.
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Savance Workplace Complete Guide to Electronic Emergency Mustering eBook
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