Savance Emergency Mustering Offshore

Highly Configurable Electronic Muster System to Increase Life Safety Offshore.


If you work off-shore, on a ship, oil rig, or other vessel, having a comprehensive response plan to emergencies is critical. As a company owner, you are responsible for minimizing the risk of human life and end preventable loss of life at sea. Safety procedure coordination and consistency is crucial.

Hardware Running Emergency Mustering
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Electronic Mustering for Offshore Emergencies

Emergency Mustering Offshore is a special edition Emergency Mustering solution geared specifically toward oil rig, shipboard, and other offshore emergency situations. It allows personnel and visitors to respond to an offshore emergency in the simplest and most effective manner. The Savance system provides the structure to prevent critical steps from being overlooked in case of an evacuation due to e.g. oil spills, fires, explosions, or natural disasters.

How It Works

Easily Manage People & Lifeboats

Savance Emergency Mustering Offshore is a software-based system used by an administrator to pre-register people and assign lifeboats, assign badges and barcodes, and input contact information. Each lifeboat and other appropriate areas are equipped with fixed mustering hardware for a quick and easy self-service check-in process that employees will have no problems familiarizing themselves with. Our hardware leverages badge and barcode technology, as well as touch screen capabilities. Additionally, based on the simplicity of the system as a whole, communication issues due to for example language differences can be avoided.

3 Simple Check-In Methods

In the case of an offshore emergency situation that requires lifeboat evacuation, employees and guests easily check in to a lifeboat using one of three simple methods:

Scan badge or wristband

Scan barcode

Tap name on touchscreen device

Automatically Re-Assign Lifeboats Based on Person's Location

Automatically Re-Assign Lifeboats Based on Current Location

When necessary, a person may check in to another lifeboat than the one they were initially assigned to. By checking in at another muster point, the person will be added to the new lifeboat and removed from the original one. Tracking personnel that is not where they are “supposed to be” can otherwise be a big problem in an offshore environment, such as an oil rig, and valuable time is wasted trying to locate mistakenly missing employees. With Savance Emergency Mustering, missing people are identified immediately and automatically.

Available During Power & Network Outages

The Emergency Mustering software does not need to be connected to the network at all times to work. It comes with an offline interface, which is hosted on any Windows tablet or laptop, and syncs with the Savance system over a WiFi or wired network connection at customizable intervals. When a device gets disconnected from the network, due to poor off-shore signals or an emergency situation, the offline mode kicks in, ceasing to synchronize until it has been reconnected. While disconnected, the Emergency Mustering system mimics the state at the moment connection was lost, listing everyone that was signed in or out at the time of the emergency.

  • Much of my correspondence with other vessels is with their captains, and I would only have to tell them one thing to sell this product: For me, musters during drills and emergencies are nearly stress free.

Brian Hargreaves


Transocean Large Screen Muster Display

Extend Use with a Large Screen Display

Maybe particularly useful for oil and gas rigs, a custom Large Screen Display added to Savance Emergency Mustering can provide an additional means of instant communication. This sample board, created for a customer, provides real-time muster point status updates, viewable at a glance.

  • The flexibility of relocating from one muster point to the next is one of the most important outcomes so far. The system automatically removes you from your previous muster location and assigns you to your new location once you re-scan.

Oscar dos Santos


  • [One emergency] took place at 0200 in the morning and involved significant emergency response and the confusion that comes along with it. Still, muster was completed in about 8 minutes. If you would have told me this before the installation of the E-Muster system, I would have thought you were lying.

Brian Hargreaves


  • I would like to see this ‘E-Muster’ system on every vessel in our fleet. If it will save even one person’s life in the event of a real emergency then all our hard work has been worth it.

Victor Alford

Electronics Technician

Transocean Case Study - Control Room with Muster Display at the Inspiration

Case Study:

Leading Oil & Gas Drilling Contractor Improves Life Safety Strategies

  • Unlike in the past, muster during drills is almost an afterthought. It occurs almost automatically, and I can focus my efforts and those of the bridge team on addressing the emergency.

Brian Hargreaves


Results & Benefits

Faster, more reliable, and more efficient musters

Easily and accurately account for all individuals

Quick identification of missing personnel

Real-time updates on all muster takers

Improved response time to actual emergency

Greatly reduced risk of human error

Ability to operate in case of single/multiple failure

Better visibility to where people are located

Minimum of 20-25% faster musters