Android App

Savance Workplace Android App - Main In Out Status Board Screen

Electronic In Out Board

Android App

100% native app for Android mobile devices

Quick and easy status updates

Get contact information and co-worker statuses quickly

Send instant notes to anyone at your company

Optional GEO fencing & GPS location tracking

Mobile Access from Anywhere - Savance EIOBoard

Access from Anywhere

Savance Workplace’s Android in out board app was created for users to quickly update their status, view other people’s status updates, read notes, send messages, view the status board, and much more, from their Android device. It is a complete mobile status board solution for Android users when out of the office.

Mobile Access from Anywhere - Savance EIOBoard
Main Status Board Screen - Savance Workplace Android App

Stay Connected with Realtime Status Updates

Whether your status was updated through the Savance Workplace iOS app or one of the other interfaces, the app will keep you connected with realtime status updates at all times.

Unlimited, Custom Status Options

Unlimited Custom Status Options

Organizations can include and track any information, using as many custom status options as they need.

Unlimited, Custom Status Options
Chat and Send Notes from Any Device

Multiple Messaging Options

Read and send notes and text messages right from your mobile phone. Notify people of important information even if they are not in the office. Savance’s messaging option allows users to send messages to an email address, as a private note to other users, or as a text message directly to a mobile phone.

Optional Geo Fencing and GPS Tracking for Andrid

Optional GEO Fencing & GPS Location Tracking

Use optional GEO Fencing for automatic status updates using the phone’s build-in GPS locator to automatically set you to “In the Office”, “Home” or “San Fransisco Office” when you go in a certain range. Organization requiring additional measures for tracking staff (for example delivery drivers) may also opt to use GPS location tracking to quickly locate offsite personnel.

Optional Geo Fencing and GPS Tracking for Andrid
Real-time updates - Savance Electronic In Out Board

Updates in Realtime

Updates made through any Savance Electronic In Out Board interface option are in realtime, and will immediately sync with other Savance interfaces and view options, such as applications, mobile apps, and large screen status boards.