Application Interface

Savance Electronic In Out Board EIOBoard Application Interface

Electronic In Out Board

Application Interface

Quick desktop access with system tray icon

Pop-up notifications and alerts

Custom fields & configurable columns

Private IM for company-wide chat

Telephone & presence sensing

Windows-Based In & Out Board with Popup Notifications

Savance Electronic In Out Board’s application interface, included with any base EIOBoard package, offers an easy-to-use, Microsoft Windows-based electronic in out board interface. A system tray icon offers quick access to view and update statuses, and desktop pop-up notifications provide instant updates on users and potential guests you want to follow.

Windows-Based Electronic In Out Board with Pop-Up Notifications
Electronic In Out Board Presence Sensing

Presence Sensing & Automatic Status Updates

With the application interface, users can have their status update automatically when they turn their computer on or off, or when they walk away from their computer with the idle timer. The automatic log in/log out feature of EIOBoard and the idle timer help organizations maintain an accurate in out status for all of their users.

Microsoft Outlook Sync

The EIOBoard application interface offers Microsoft Outlook synchronization, allowing a user to easily pull events from their Microsoft Outlook calendar and add them to EIOBoard. EIOBoard Calendar lets users see all events and appointments for the day, week, or month. Prefer to work in Outlook? The Outlook interface brings an EIOBoard status board to right inside of Microsoft Outlook, providing a quick shortcut to a company’s electronic in out board.

Calendar View - Savance Electronic In Out Board Browser Interface
Savance EIOBoard Chat Feature Private Instant Messaging

Private Instant Messaging & Notes

The EIOBoard’s application comes with built-in instant messaging/chat, allowing users to communicate with each other in real-time. See when someone is typing, and quickly get access to their status and contact info if they’re not responding to chat. This bonus feature in the EIOBoard application can be disabled with a company-wide setting for those organizations that wish to do so.

Updates in Realtime

Updates made through any Savance Electronic In Out Board interface option are in realtime, and will immediately sync with other Savance interfaces and view options, such as applications, mobile apps, and large screen status boards.

Real-time updates - Savance Electronic In Out Board